Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimise, measure & convert

Google and other search engines have evolved their algorithms vastly over the years and will continue to do so. This means that it can be difficult for businesses to keep up to date with the latest changes.

At Digital Clarity, we’ve helped many companies with their search engine optimisation strategy, as well as improving organic search presence to ensure any potential customers can find them right at the time of their search.

Be found

Delivering Organic Growth

SEO is fundamental to any digital marketing strategy. Although a lengthier process, when done correctly it can lead to great results for your business.

We understand that every business has a different vision, so once we know your business inside out, we can get to work in ensuring that your website can be found organically.

  • Diagnosis workshop
  • Goal & KPI setting
  • Footprint benchmark
  • SEO strategy planning
  • Performance forecast
  • Bespoke reporting

Leaders in SEO Management

We work best with clients who see us as an extension of their team, as opposed to just another supplier. We’ve worked with lots of businesses over the years and have seen some fantastic SEO results when we work together collaboratively.

We’ll do all the hard work, but there will be times when we will need some input from you too.

  • Regular calls & meetings
  • Monthly KPI reviews
  • Forecast checkup
  • In depth analysis
  • Technical examination
  • Strategy review

Successful SEO takes commitment, time and patience

Our Approach to SEO

Whilst SEO is a core component of any online marketing strategy, it is a long-term and continuous process in order to maintain your business presence online.

We don’t focus on Google in isolation, but instead work to improve your overall digital footprint, ensuring that you can be found online.

  • Analytics review
  • User journey flow
  • Performance benchmark
  • Competitor review
  • Website analysis
  • Ongoing consultancy

Our SEO skills

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SEO audit

We take a deep-dive into your current Organic footprint, from the website, content and technical aspects to offsite SEO and everything in-between.

Technical review

One of the first ports of call is reviewing the technical side of things; ensuring that your website can be crawled and indexed accurately by the search engines. 

Offsite optimisation

Offsite SEO is just as important as onsite SEO, and rarely do they work well without one another. 

Local SEO

There’s so much more to local SEO than just Google My Business. We’ll take care of your local search presence online.

Online PR

Online PR helps to get your brand name out there, building both awareness and brand trust at the same time, as well as helping with SEO efforts.


A vital piece of the puzzle, we can assist with content creation and guide you with recommendations on the types of content you should be creating.