Our Process

What We Do

We help you make better decisions about your marketing.

Our experience and trusted process helps diagnose the challenges and differentiate your offering.

The problem we solve

The challenges companies face: We help companies do their marketing better by using our extensive experience to address the core issues. We work with organisations that are already marketing but not seeing the results they wish to achieve.

They invariably fall into one or more of these areas:

This leads to many companies going into marketing with a blinkered view, lack of focus and direction as well as having a bad experience, either with and external third party agency or an expensive waste of marketing budget that leaves a negative experience.

Our Process

Our value is honing our experience and skills to address the core issues that are blocking growth. In short, our pragmatic approach has seen companies make great returns.

Our process takes the form of a number of key steps.

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“The initial aim was to drive brand awareness, but even at this early stage we have already seen a significant associated 3 fold increase in contact acquisition, which is a very positive indicator. The brand has been reinforced more than 200k times between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, with the vast majority on Google. Combining our brand’s assets with the digital marketing skills of our agency has generated clear growth and a leading presence within our target audience.”
Scott Eustave
BENTLEY SYNCHRO - Industry Marketing Director, Project Delivery

How we work with clients

With over 20 years’ experience, Digital Clarity have worked with major brands and companies of all sizes, to cut through the noise, achieve sustainable growth and leverage the power of the digital economy.

Some of the areas we address are when clients experience some of the following:

A recommended path forward highlighting the research, recommendations and projections will be presented. This can include the below based on our initial findings in the workshop:

Dealing head on with these issues, it is clear that old methods cannot create new results.

According to CIM's Impact of Marketing report in 2021, one third of marketing professionals surveyed had received no training over the last two years. Over this period, there have been a seismic shift in society, technology, social media and more importantly how customers interact with brands. The lines between n B2B and B2C have blurred and the need for a wider range of content to make one’s brand more human, is at the top of many organisations agenda.

Without addressing these issues the spiral continues.

Our process

Our approach has been shaped by being at the coalface and dealing with real and sometimes complex challenges. We have worked hard to understand client’s needs, their objectives and thoughts on what growth looks like.

Using a pragmatic approach, we also challenge clients so that we are both clear on what are realistic costs, timeframes as well as what is required by the clients themselves. This transparent and practical approach has allowed us to worth with some of the best and most talented teams and individuals across the world, and today makes up our black book and marketing network that we bring to address clients’ needs.

How Can We Help?

What's keeping you up at night?

When was the last time you took a step back and reviewed your marketing?

Sometimes being so close to it can mean you don’t see the full picture. We work as your partner, but we’ll take an outsider's view to help you re-assess, plan and move forward.

Efficiencies come from knowing the clear offering you have and communicating it with the right customer, on the right screen, at the right time. Most organisations fail at this first hurdle and struggle to cut through the noise. We help you focus on your objectives and help you find a clear path to achieve your goals.

New business sales is the life blood of any organisation. In the digital economy the customer is in charge. To win more business online, the need to understand the touch-points and new buying process is paramount. Having a clear plan is what separates those that succeed and those that make up the numbers.

Do you know the best performing content you’ve produced in the last 3 years or are you still creating content you ‘think’ your customers want? Your story is key to what sets you apart from the competition. Let us help you find your voice and create content that will attract the right customers for your business.

Just because a campaign performed well 2 years ago, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work now. Just as our customers habits change so should the messaging, platforms and content. We can help you understand where your customers are and how to target them at the right time, on the right platform.

Agency / client relationship can complicated. Equally moving or changing a partner has its own challenges. Our agency evaluation and review helps you arrive at the right decision and the correct fit for what you’re trying to achieve. We can even talk with the agency on your behalf.