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Crafting a comprehensive, actionable, tech marketing strategy.

2 Step:

Strategy Plan

A foundation for your future direction
Our team develops a digital marketing strategic plan which we call the programme of works. It bridges the gaps identified during the B2B diagnosis workshop and outlines the recommended actions and milestones to achieve your marketing objectives.
The plan of works highlights the key steps your business needs to take, including actions, time frames and personnel. It details the priorities and describes the flow of activities to maximise results
Identifying gaps, developing solutions
Without identifying the gaps in your branding, messaging, team or strategy, you are simply another business looking for leads.
Most digital marketing agencies focus on SEO, PPC, Social media strategies first. We look at the whole picture, and tailor a successful marketing model which works for you and your team.
When you receive your tailored digital marketing infrastructure, you’ll benefit from a plan of action to keep your whole organisation involved, on track and pushing in the same direction.
What is included?
The programme of works includes a range of planning documents which we will develop from the information we gathered at the business diagnosis workshop. We’ll present it to you in an hour-long session, when we’ll explain the different aspects of it and answer your questions.
The programme of works starts with broad actions you can take immediately, before focusing on more detailed actions with longer delivery times. 
It includes:

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