Navigating the complexities of AI & digital marketing – 5th Feb 2024

Reggie James featured on Market Impact Insights Podcast

Reggie talks to Connie Whitman of the Sales Game.
Connie’s motivational quote for the day was by – Bob Lord, “The great thing about AI is that it can predict and learn in real time what the audience will be receptive to…[so we can] create a great value exchange between the brand and consumer in ways we couldn’t do before.”
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When I started my career, we were analogue.  The internet had just been introduced to the world, and understanding it, if you could afford a computer, had a steep learning curve because it seemed like an alien invention. 
Today’s topic interests me as a person in business for over 23 years, constantly learning how to leverage the digital world and, more importantly, the new wave of AI in business and marketing.

My guest and I will dig in, and he will provide insights on how businesses can leverage data, new technologies, and strategic approaches to drive tangible results. 
About Reggie James:
Reggie is a distinguished marketing and digital strategy expert renowned for driving transformative results for organizations.

With over three decades of experience, Reggie has witnessed and actively contributed to the evolution of digital marketing, playing a pivotal role in shaping business models in today’s digital-driven landscape. His expertise extends beyond traditional strategies, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI, analytics, and brand elevation.
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