Uncover your Organisations ‘Why’

Simon Sinek’s “Why” methodology suggests that businesses should focus on the “why” behind their ideas in order to create a powerful and appealing story that resonates with customers. By understanding why their business exists, entrepreneurs can better communicate their ideas to customers and stakeholders, which can ultimately lead to greater success.

However, defining the “why” and sharing it with customers is not always easy. In this blog, we explore what we mean by “why,” the reason you need to pin yours down and how to go about it.

What do we mean by a business “why?”

Your “why” is the purpose of your business. What is your business for? Maybe you have developed AI software with the purpose of improving customer experience on ecommerce websites. Maybe your business provides tech services that release in-house teams from the problems that hold up their regular work. Both of these examples show the reason why your business exists and why people buy from you.

Why is it important to have a business “why?”

Your “why” or purpose can help you define your offering more clearly. Now you have – for example – identified your why as improving online customer experience, this will inform other choices you make within your organisation. With your “why” identified, if someone later suggests an add-on service, you can ask yourself whether it will ultimately improve CX before you decide to adopt the new idea.

A clear business “why” also makes marketing more straightforward. You can use your “why” to develop your values, vision and USP. Your vision might be related to helping client businesses exceed their customer expectations, and your USP will be your “why” plus whatever makes you different from other AI CX providers.

How do you define your business “why?”

It’s clear that having a “why” is very important for your organisation. But how do you define it?

A strong approach is to go back to first principles, and simply state what you offer. Then ask yourself why there is a need for it. If you can, you even ask yourself what sits behind that need.

For example, you offer AI support for websites. Why is there a need for it? To improve the customer experience. Why is it important to improve customer experience? So your clients can become market leaders. Following this process, our example AI company’s “why” would be “creating market leaders through improved CX.”

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