What’s more important – lead quantity or lead quality?

Every business wants more leads. We all know that more leads mean more business – this is why it’s easy to become focused on the numbers. However, the quality of those leads is also important. On their own, leads are not business. It is only when the lead becomes a buyer that your business grows.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at lead quantity and lead quality, as well as how to get more of the right type of lead to drive business growth.

How do you determine lead quality?

When your business is in a growth phase and you’re looking for more leads, it is important that you define your ideal customer so you can focus your efforts on connecting with them. At Digital Clarity, we call this the “sweet spot” – the type of person or client business who is most likely to convert. We work closely with our clients, helping them to define their ideal customers so the sales team can develop a targeted campaign.

Once you’ve defined your ideal customer, it’s easier to determine lead quality. A high-quality lead is a person or business who fits your ideal prospect criteria. By targeting these prospects with a strategic campaign, you’re more likely to see a return on your sales investment.

However, to see real business growth, you cannot afford to focus all your efforts in just one direction. Quantity matters too…and that quantity is unique to your business offering.

How do you determine lead quantity?

Any sales target needs to be measurable and it’s important know how many leads your business requires. It’s easy to make the mistake of wanting ‘more’, but ‘more’ could be anything from one to a thousand.

Instead, be clear, relevant, and realistic. It’s important to determine the quantity that aligns with your business goals. Your business capacity is also a key consideration – if your customer numbers doubled overnight, could your business cope? Remember that business growth is only sustainable if it happens at a healthy rate.

Gain the right quantity and quality of leads to drive business growth

Now you’ve determined what a quality lead looks like, and how many of them you need to achieve your business goals, it’s time to put together a lead generation strategy. You need a strategy that’s unique to your business so you can target high-quality leads and generate the right quantity of prospects.

Lead generation strategy from Digital Clarity

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