Digital Analytics

Understand your audience

Identifying which website pages are effective and which are not is important for any business. Analytics helps us understand what people do when they visit a website. Through this understanding, we can improve customer experience and generate more conversions.

Learning and improving

Analytics show detailed information about how people have found and used your website. Learning how someone arrived at your site and where they move, engage and exit the site are all key elements that can help turn your browsers into buyers. We study the analytics closely, identifying strong areas in your website and highlighting sticking points. With this information, you can make your website more effective and generate more sales.

A click is the beginning of the journey

Google Analytics is the de facto analytics tool for companies across the world. Analysing your customer data with Google Analytics is insightful and crucial to reapplying successful strategies and understanding what needs attention.

Our Analytics Skills

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Google Analytics

We can help you get the most from Google analytics, the free analytics platform highlighting website trends

Third party analytics

External analytics tracking solutions provide additional functionality and data dashboards

Tag manager

Our expertise can help you to get to grips with Google Tag Manager, the latest developments

Attribution modelling

We can credit sales to the right touchpoints via attribution modelling

A/B Testing

Learn what works and drive more sales via A/B conversion optimisation

Analytics training

Our analytics experts offer bespoke training for your team

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Posted 5 decades ago.