Digital Marketing Services

Helping our clients understand their business objectives and use digital marketing to acquire and retain customers.

We harness the power of data and analytics along with years of hands-on experience to improve digital marketing performance.
Where clients have an in-house marketing function, we complement and add value through our insight and knowledge.
Where a client needs direct out-sourced digital marketing services, we provide strategy planning, consultancy and exceptional campaign management.


We want to get under the skin of your business and help you diagnose any sticking points that are preventing you from reaching your business goals. We go right back to basics to learn about your business, competition, and customers and question your goals and priorities. This allows us to map out a clear path to success. Without that inside knowledge you are simply running campaigns!

If you are tired of getting generic digital marketing proposals, or your current marketing strategy isn’t working, this diagnosis service has been created for you.

  • Deep dive discovery
  • Establish business & marketing needs
  • Understand business priorities
  • Review current lead to sales funnel
  • Refine goals, targets & KPIs
  • Pin down realistic timings & deadlines
  • Establish how to report and monitor success

Strategy Planning

Our goal is to arm our clients with a clear digital marketing strategy before they dive blindly into the cheapest or easiest advertising channel. The diagnosis stage allows us to plan your strategy around the business needs and pain points. That way, we make sure the budgets are being invested in the most effective channels.
If you are not sure how much to invest into each digital platform in order to reach your goals, this service is your solution.

  • Current online advertising audit
  • Digital marketing cost analysis
  • Market insight & research
  • Competitor review & analysis
  • Tracking and monitoring audit
  • Overarching planning & strategy
  • Website feedback and recommendation

Management & Optimisation

Working from our own 6 month strategy plan, our team of experts make light work of setting up your highly targeted campaigns to reach your primary target market.
Utilising a combination of channels including PPC, SEO, Social Advertising and Display we orchestrate your message to reach the right audience at the right time at each stage of the buying cycle.
If the quality of your enquiries or leads is poor, you are not reaching the right audience or you are simply not getting the volume, our management and optimisation programme has been created for you.

  • Budget management & reinvestment
  • Channel, device, location & audience recommendation
  • Cost per acquisition optimisation
  • Return on investment management
  • Content creation & distribution
  • Ad testing & optimisation
  • Dedicated account management

Analyse & Learn

As well monitoring direct sales and leads, our team goes deeper to understand what is influencing return on investment. By tracking brand growth and touchpoints along the user journey, we make sure we are helping each customer progress further down the sales funnel. Using data and visual dashboards, we help you create bespoke internal reporting to demonstrate where you are gaining momentum against your goals.
If you’re unsure which investment is driving results, our team will ensure your tracking is correctly working, and produce bespoke reporting to identify your customer path to sale.

  • Audience profiling & segmentation
  • Brand awareness & signalling
  • Conversion funnel optimisation
  • Return On Investment tracking & reporting
  • Measurement, analysis & recommendation
  • Internal and external tracking review

Pay Per Click

Online search is one of the first things a customer turns to when deciding on a new product or service. This is why paid search marketing is such an important element of your digital strategy. We help our clients plan, manage and optimise their pay per click campaigns for success.
If you aren’t seeing the results you expect from your PPC campaigns, our experienced team can help diagnose the problems.

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Shopping
  • RLSA
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Reporting & analysis

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) goes beyond web results and ranking. At Digital Clarity, we know that converting potential customers is a blend of technical know-how and creative content management. By planning, creating and distributing content alongside a robust weekly technical maintenance plan, we can help you drive results.
If you are struggling to see improved results from your SEO efforts, we recommend consulting with our team on your SEO plan, goals and strategy.

  • SEO audit
  • Mobile SEO
  • Content creation
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Offsite optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Structured data
  • Online PR

Social Media

Social media has become a part of everyday life. Paid social media advertising can be a powerful weapon in your marketing strategy to engage the most specific of audiences through to a wide mix of potential buyers. It also complements other channels like Paid Search (PPC). Understanding how to best leverage these powerful channels is a speciality of Digital Clarity. Using data and content in the right mix can help towards a powerful campaign.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of social channels available, our social media offering is ideal for you.

  • Brand channel alignment
  • Audience segmentation
  • Creative strategy and approach
  • Ad format review
  • A/B testing
  • Budget management and optimisation


With a multitude of devices and digital channels, understanding the complexities of how customers convert to a sale or enquiry is paramount. We can help you gain a deeper understanding about those customers and their behaviour through analytics.
If you are struggling to understand what is and isn’t working, or where to reinvest your budgets to drive conversions, we can interpret the data and turn it into meaningful actions that increase conversions.

  • Google Analytics
  • Third party analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Attribution modelling
  • Analytics training

Posted 5 decades ago.


Posted 5 decades ago.