Can Bing Ever Truly Rival Google?

Bing is in a strong position to grow and become a bigger rival to Google. Experian Hitwise reports increased levels of searches being carried out and that of this increase, traffic to Microsoft search sites have seen the biggest % increase.

In this blog, I will be investigating what Bing is doing to rival Google, and whether it could work.

The Device Strategy

Using a device strategy, Microsoft is able to put Bing to the forefront of what people use. Microsoft has developed the Windows Phone, the Surface and Kinect, which is the biggest selling device in the world. As well as this, Bing is now the default search engine for the Kindle Fire, and let’s not forget Bing’s partnership with social media powerhouse Facebook.

Windows 8 is also heavily integrated with Bing, which is of course the default search engine on the start page. 60 million+ copies of Windows 8 were sold in the first 2 months of its release and these sales are in-line with Windows 7 which sold a whopping 600 million copies, that’s a lot of people being exposed to Bing.

The Search Experience

In addition to the device strategy, the search experience itself has had a lot of developments; last year Bing added the feature ‘Snapshot’ which shows more information alongside the search results for people, places and things, much like Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Digital Clarity Bing Snapshot


Bing is also including more information from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in how it displays results for people:

bing people snapshot

Again, much like Google, Bing is also looking to put answers straight into the search results and even in the instant suggestions while you type. Clicking on the weather link shown below takes you to a Bing page for a more detailed weather report.

bing search

Bing is definitely upping its game; currently it has 17 million unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing network – 2.4 million of which do not use Google. With all this in mind, the number of advertisers on the Yahoo! Bing network should only continue to rise.

Bing Paid Ads

The Bing Ads platform may not be as slick to use or have as many ad features as Google AdWords, however our ecommerce clients have seen that the return they get from media spend on Bing Ads is greater than on Google. That said; as the current volume of traffic gained from Bing is far lower, the overall profit too is lower.

Bing appear keen to improve their ad tool however, with several updates released including broad match modifier, exact match negatives, dynamic keyword insertion for ads, location extensions and most recently, sitelink extensions.

As well as this, ads are set to be more prominent in some search results. A sneak preview (see image below) of the upcoming Windows 8 Bing App shows that ads will feature smack bang in the middle of the search results.

bing search app

Time to Take Bing More Seriously?

Let’s not kid ourselves, Google is going to take some catching, but Bing is making serious headway and stands the best chance to continue to grow and eat into Google’s market share.

Joanna Wild
Joanna Wild is a fully qualified Google AdWords professional with expertise in search and social. She has written blogs on reporting, analytics and up and coming technology and knows everything you need to know about analysing data and making sense of numbers.