48% Growth in enterprise business leads

Our main aim was to increase leads and in turn sales of their project management software, specifically targeting decision makers within enterprise businesses.

As Workfront are a US company, the brand had limited presence in the UK and EMEA. We were tasked with building the digital brand across these regions before encouraging users to convert.

Alongside expanding brand reach, there were some key goals to work towards.

Goals & Objectives

- Overall 28% growth for EMEA
- Increase number of PPC leads
- Reduce PPC cost per acquisition (CPA)
- Increase quality of inbound leads to engage more enterprise businesses
- Targeting the right audience

Brand awareness to drive leads

The core focus was to engage with enterprise businesses and to try and reduce wasted spend from SME clicks. We identified our audience to be key decision makers age 35+, and mid to high annual income between £35-50k.

Although Google drives high volumes, we introduced Bing into the mix to boost quality search traffic from varying demographics as the audience differs from Google.

Due to Workfront being a lesser known brand across the EMEA regions we introduced LinkedIn sponsored content advertising to drive awareness. We used an offering of resources including blog posts, white papers and articles to gain that awareness and drive market thought leadership.


Within an enterprise business there are several roles involved in the decision making process. Based on this we needed to tailor our campaigns for different touch points in this process. This would involve:


The existing Google Ads account included no local language usage and a limited understanding of each different search behaviour from country to country. Due to our experience working across EMEA accounts in the past we were able to demonstrate the need for designated landing pages for the core markets including UK English, Dutch and Swedish. With this we also added Dutch and Swedish keywords and ads to target the audience more effectively.

Crowded market with high CPC’s

Competition in the “project management software” industry is extremely high, with many offering free or low cost alternatives to Workfront. This meant ensuring the value and key
USPs for enterprise were clearly promoted, not only through our ads but throughout the website and landing pages.

To understand and analyse the most effective CPC strategy, we segmented our campaign in to five key sections including Brand, Non-Brand UK, Non-Brand Nordics, Non-Brand Benelux and Non-Brand Dach. This allowed us to see CPC’s specifically by region, so we could save budget to invest into the markets which were driving results.

Enterprise Audience Targeting

To capture the right audience in the search results we needed to ensure our ad copy relayed the correct tone of voice and language for an enterprise business. 

To do this we ran multiple tests using key words such as ‘enterprise’ within the first headline, second headline and description.

We soon found that although the adverts with ‘enterprise’ in the first headline didn’t drive as many clicks, they definitely delivered higher quality enterprise leads.

To further this we also included specific copy within the site extensions including team sizes, licence needs and industry recognition such as awards for the product.

The Outcome

Top priority of identifying the campaigns success was to understand if enterprise leads were being driven.

Workfront regularly reported back to Digital Clarity on the quality of leads and they were also able to report on which campaigns those leads came from by importing data from Salesforce back into Google Ads.

The data also identified whether a lead was non qualified, auto qualified or a fully qualified lead.

With a blend of platforms and search tactics we were able to drive impressive results helping new and returning users down the conversion funnel.

The numbers below showcase the results comparing H1 2017 to H1 2018:

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