“Digital Clarity has been an amazing partner for us in the development and evolution of our Digital Marketing strategy. Their expertise has been invaluable, and they have also been a great cultural fit for Kahua. We could never have gotten where we are without them”

Jim Wilson

Kahua - CMO

A Construction Software Growth Project

We were approached by Kahua when they were ready to increase their companies revenue considerably. They understood the importance of a strong marketing strategy in order to support that growth. Kahua is a construction project management software used on some of the largest projects in the US and Canada. Spanning from infrastructure and transport, federal and local government, to healthcare and education, they help construction projects complete on budget and on time. Their smart and secure technology allows owners to have visibility on milestones, costs, and impact of change, whilst enabling contractors and partners to collaborate in one space on progress, plans and documentation. 
This shone a light on the following: 

Immediate need for Brand awareness / Positioning within the market

Optimal use of budgets
Reaching the right audience
Innovative and new thinking
Support and Training

The Strategy

From the Diagnosis Workshop we not only raised the challenges but also opportunities. Through the process we learned a huge amount about the business, the market, the competition and how we could help Kahua achieve their goals.
b2b digital strategy
Why Kahua
Initial Research and planning
Audience Segmentation
Brands awareness planning
Check-ins & Regular Reviews
To discuss:
Knowledge sessions
60% growth ARR in Year 1, 100% growth Years 2 and 3

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