Why? – The Value of Questioning

This episode of Think Out Loud explores the value of asking why and how we can delve deeper into problems to help us identify new ways of looking at things, and fresh ideas.

  • Why – is the sky blue?

Some of the simplest questions with the most complicated answers are often answered with…

  • Because! 
  • It just is
  • That’s what it has always been!

This shuts down the conversation, creativity and progress.

Think about the workplace, if we don’t ask questions, we may be very obedient and classed as a “good employee” but we may never progress further.

Recently listened to an audio book –  Warren Berger’s – A more beautiful question.

He talks about how many designers, inventors and engineers come up with ideas and solve problems. Common denominator – exceptional questioners.

Using the 5 why’s I demonstrate an example of how questioning can make you look at a problem in a different way, and  in turn come up with a new approach.

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