What are cookies, what are FLoCs and what is the impact for B2Bs

What are cookies? What is the difference between 1st and 3rd party cookies? What are FLoCs and why does all this matter to you?

Google Chrome will no longer support 3rd party cookies in 2022, and that will have a major impact on some advertising methods which are currently reliant on 3rd party cookies to reach potential customers with their advertising.

Lets try and break down something fairly complex into bite size pieces together. I am not a Cookies, Browser or FLoC expert so any comments, feedback or insights you would like to share – please do so on my social media channels

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This episode is pretty full on, so if you are more of a visual person like me – click the link below to my YouTube video to explain things a little more visually!

What are FLoCs – YouTube?

Digiday- Amazon block Google FLoCs

!!!UPDATE SINCE RECORDING!!! – https://blog.google/products/chrome/updated-timeline-privacy-sandbox-milestones/

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