Thinking too much – is exhausting

It has been a long day and my brain is frazzled because I have so much I am thinking about.

Why is it people don’t talk about how thinking is so tiring? Especially MD’s, C-suite, directors, heads of departments, they never talk about brain exhaustion. They never talk about how they feel drained from thinking and making decisions all day.

Sometimes does it feel like you have made no progress, no tasks are crossed off the list, you have spent all day on calls and video conferences, speaking to people, making decisions, answering questions, guiding, leading, discussing!

Making leadership decisions day in day out, hiring, firing, marketing, sales, business direction, investment, roles and responsibilities the list never ends…

No wonder you are thinking so much, no wonder your brain hurts, no wonder you can’t sleep.

Thinking too much is exhausting, so don’t beat yourself up, its normal. Also make time for a brain break!

If you are interested in some ideas to make your brain more productive listen to Episode 15 – How to make your brain more productive.

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