Misaligned Direction

Misaligned Direction

Lack of company direction, or multiple misaligned directions being fed down from the top of an organisation can cause complete disaster and confusion.

If not addressed this can create unclear goals and targets, as well as lead to a lack of motivation within teams as it filters down through the organisational hierarchy.

Why Do Stakeholders Disagree?

Stakeholders may disagree on a range of issues related to a project or the organisation.

It could be a difference of opinion on the purpose of the project, the budget, the timeline, the scope of the project, who should be involved, and other factors.

Maybe the passion that lead to their position within the company is the driving factor in an individuals direction. Personal goals and exit strategy may play a large part in how they see the organisation being run. Or their skills and experience from previous projects and businesses.

There are multiple reasons why stakeholders and senior management may not see eye to eye when it comes to the direction of the organisation.

Understanding the Reasons

Understanding why they disagree is essential to finding a resolution that everyone can agree on. It’s important to listen to each person’s perspective and to identify common ground.

Through dialogue and collaboration, a resolution can and must be found that everyone can agree on.

How to Break Through

It sometimes takes a cold dark room with lots of snacks, patience and adjudication.

The key is establishing where compromise can be make, where the benefits and values of each decision are without bias.

Finally once all the cards are on the table, a clear top level plan and direction for the company can be mapped out.

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