How to fix your SEO

People often think it is an easy task to fix the SEO of a website. However there are so many complexities from such a simple question.

So here are some tips if you are asked the question “How to fix your SEO”!

Firstly – make sure you know what data you are working with. When you say fix – what does that mean? What has changed, what has dropped off, what has decreased or stopped working?

Is your tracking even set up and counting correctly. What analytics are you using? Google Analytics, web logs, HubSpot analytics, user experience tracking. There are so many ways to track visits to your website, first make sure you know what you are tracking and that the numbers are accurate.

Then understand good vs bad traffic – who are you trying to engage with, what location are they, what device, what are they searching for – and what search queries are they using to search?

Once you can understand what the problem may be and where it is occurring, look at timings. Segment the data to try to understand what dropped off and when. Really try to pin point when things changed and from where.

From here it is likely you need to utilise an SEO specific tool, Search ConsoleSEMRushMozMajesticAhrefs, or any other platform which will help you dive into the potential technical errors with the site, ranking performance and the back link profile.

There are so many areas to probe into – it is now important to make a plan and test what changes you make, benchmark them and learn what is having an impact.

Good Luck, and for more reading up on ways to improve or fix your SEO, visit our Digital Clarity Blog

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