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Why integration of the right digital marketing strategy can deliver a seamless customer experience for your brand.

After an absence of almost 2 years, I was delighted to attend DISRUPT 2022. Set firmly in the contact centre space, the event is part of what companies are looking to embrace and a key component of Digital Transformation.

Hosted by the excellent Sabio Group, the event touched on all aspects of an area companies are desperately trying to get right, with some are doing better than others, that of Customer Experience or CX as it has affectionately become known.

There were some wonderful people in attendance and a few faces I hadn’t seen for a while, namely Gerry Brown CCXP  of Customer Lifeguard and Leigh Hopwood of the Call Centre Management Association CCMA.

The real eye opener for me was that this piece of the digital journey (CX) is a pre and post part of the digital marketing journey and now, is being integrated into the key customer touch-point itself.

With the growth of CRM tools that integrate Search and Social Media data, a customer calling a contact centre may receive a better experience of the brand has a better idea of who they are – providing that they are there for the customer and not to flog them their wares.

Digital Clarity Disrupt 2022

Sadly the reality is that the latter prevails and potential customers are put off dependent on who is on the other side of the engagement be it email, chat or phone.

This is borne out in the frictionless ecommerce market and the rise of B2B ecommerce. There is a propensity to buy with the least amount of interference. In some cases, the contact centre being a hindrance rather than a help. But this is why Disrupt 2022 was such a breath of fresh air.

The desire to get the CX right was the underlying theme. Added to by the post pandemic change in customer behaviour, the need by large companies to get their contact centre management right is now key more than ever before.

Getting the strategy right

If you are going to give your customers the right experience and love your brand, you need to make sure your digital strategy is right.

I have 20 but they need to be put into context, Here are 4 areas to think about.

Understand the data

Looking at your CRM data, Google Analytics data as well as all your Call Centre data as once user journey analysis.

Define the objectives

If you are too close to it you need outside help. Ask the right questions. Don’t

Know it will take time

Nothing good happens overnight. It takes planning, the right partners and buy in from the company.


Measure everything and benchmark. Try testing new initiative as the data comes back.

Who’s doing it well

Who’s doing Digital and CX well – Calvin Klein

What inclusive customer experiences really look like for Calvin Klein

Great example of digital marketing and CX from Mali James, Senior Director of Consumer Experience, Calvin Klein taken from from the excellent Think with Google series. See it here.

Calvin Klein Ad 2022

If you would like to learn more about how a strong digital strategy can enhance and ad value to your customer experience, please get in touch.

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