B2B marketing | Part 1 – The changing landscape

B2B Marketing

Part1 – The Changing landscape

What has it changed – 4 core areas

  • Will Microsoft merge aspects of LinkedIn into MS Viva? Some of the services are changing on LinkedIn – it is Microsoft’s social network after all.
  • Will it blend services together to take on Salesforce?
  • B2B is a big market – people are realizing this. Think TikTok – which is  eating LinkedIn’s market share
  • The pandemic happened – B2B buyers are happy to bypass sales and buy direct.

People doing or taking a traditional approach need to add or complement their marketing armory.

Come back for the next part and the others to learn more about:

  • Personas
  • Human to human
  • Go to market Strategy
  • B2B Content that resonates
  • Dark Social & Attribution

Remember, we need to:

“Create conversation not conversion”.

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