Can Marketing Fix The Challenges Facing Customer Experience (CX)

How Marketing Can Add Value to Customer Experience (CX)

CX is important, but lack of communication on its value is creating a rod for its own back. I was lucky enough to attend the Engage Customer Summit at the…

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B2B Marketing Part 2 - Demand Generation

B2B Marketing Part 2 – Demand Generation

Demand Generation (or DemandGen), seems to be gathering a lot of momentum at the moment. Its big brother, Lead Generation (LeadGen) is sulking in the corner as this sibling rivalry…

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B2B Marketing Part 1 - Digital Clarity

B2B Marketing Part 1 – The Changing Landscape

How to do B2B marketing better There has never been a better time for B2B companies right now - across the board. The traditional routes to market for companies have…

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How to write great content - The rule of three

How to tell a Story: The Rule of Three

How to tell a Story: The Rule of Three — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Act I: Get Your Character up a…

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Digital Clarity DTX UCX London

What I Learned at DTX and UCX 2022

So the big Digital Transformation (DTX) and Unified Communications Expo (UXC) 2022 closed their doors last week at the ExCel in London’s Docklands. There are quite a few findings from…

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Digital Clarity - Fix your marketing

Why your marketing is still struggling

After a short and grateful break in the Ionian, I had a meeting with a very talented and ambitious CEO who runs a blockchain business. 4 years old and with…

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Double down on content in 2022

Doubling Down on Content in 2022

Here is a typical scenario that is still happening today. Scenario A software buyer sees a piece of gated content about a topic she is interested in on LinkedIn. She…

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THE-CMO-PODCAST with Jim Stengel and Gary Vaynerchuk

Jim Stengel and Gary Vaynerchuk on The CMO Podcast

Just thought I'd share this post having recently listened to Jim Stengel’s excellent CMO Podcast which featured Gary Vaynerchuk.  It may help refocus your thought process when planning an approach…

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LinkedIn B2B Marketing

Unpacking the recent LinkedIn changes

    LinkedIn made some big updates to its platform and services over the last few days. On June 8th, Jim Habig who is Vice President of Marketing at LinkedIn…

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Marketing Strategy Guide Digital Clarity

Marketing Strategy Guide

Many companies are marketing and using online channels and failing to make any impact, let alone achieve their objectives. Businesses are repeating the same processes over again, using the same…

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