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We are a team of highly experienced marketing consultants that are trusted to cut through the noise and transform your marketing.

Over the years we have helped companies of all sizes, from Mercedes-Benz & Xerox to ambitious start-ups, drive significant growth.


In the beginning

Remember the days of the Sony Walkman, PS One consoles and the Nokia 3310?

Seems like a lifetime ago doesn’t it? Well, that’s when we were just starting out - so you could say that we’ve been around for a while.

Having worked alongside the brightest minds in creative and media agencies, as well as leading digital pioneers, our journey continues to evolve. Today we help companies of all sizes make the most of the digital economy, through well thought out marketing.

Businesses, people, products and platforms have come and gone but the formula for what makes a company successful is quite a unique formula. A formula we have been honing and refining for our clients over the years.

The people behind
the brand

A perfect blend of vision and execution, Reggie and Rachel have worked hard to create a consultancy focussed on clients needs.

Our experience has allowed us to ask the difficult questions that sometimes get avoided. Our pragmatic approach has helped companies create successful marketing strategies over the last 20+ years.

If you would like an honest assessment of where you are, what you want to achieve and how to get there, let's have a chat.

The ideas guy

His brain questions things others dare not. His vast experience and knowledge of the buyer journey within multiple industries is a key advantage to driving ideas, innovation and change.

Reggie's experience dealing with every seniority in the hierarchy of business allows him to apply fresh ideas, new thinking and innovation to get under the skin of what's important.

Reggie was heavily involved in the early days of the internet and has helped shaped business models that are common place today. He is now working with c-suite executives and business owners in how to steer their ship through the choppy waters of digital transformation content as well as the rise of Web3 and the Metaverse.

Reggie James

Founder & Consultant
Reggie James Digital Clarity

Rachel Mepham

Lead Strategic Consultant

The process technician

Rachel's brain is programmed to solve problems. Taking learnings from 20 years of hands on digital marketing strategy, implementation and training.

Her wealth of knowledge allows methodical planning of successful marketing strategies and processes to deliver results.

Her ability to help bring together all the moving parts and create an executable strategy is in demand by CMO's across the world.

Our team and extensive network

Alongside the leaders are a team and diverse network of over 20 years. These include partners, clients, connections, business owners and specialists.

This trusted group alongside our extensive black book and contacts, allow us to draw on skills from the best in the business and make introductions where appropriate.

In a commoditised and often confusing market, we have often been told that our extensive network combined with our experience and guidance is a key differentiator. The results speak for themselves.

“As a specialist investor in real estate, I was introduced to Digital Clarity through the prime property division of Savills. I have no hesitation in recommending Digital Clarity and their team to anyone looking at digital marketing in luxury property and real estate.”
Savills Luxury Property Review about digital clarity
Guy Johnson
Property Investor
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