After a short and grateful break in the Ionian, I had a meeting with a very talented and ambitious CEO who runs a blockchain business.

4 years old and with a team of about 50, mainly developers and system architects, they are well-funded and gaining traction with all the noise created by the metaverse and Web3.

He had seen some of my posts on LinkedIn – notably, “Where is your marketing going?”

He said it struck a chord and made him contact me and asked if we could meet. After a short call, we established there was a commonality between us and that we could be the right fit.

The big challenge

The meeting was good. He was frustrated and perplexed with his marketing team and agency.

Why, I asked.

We’re not generating enough leads from marketing and we need sales, came the answer.

So started a long and protracted conversation.

Here’s a snap shot of how it went:

  • Him: We’re generating a ton of content, ads on LinkedIn and Google, etc. still no leads.
  • Me: How long have you been doing that?
  • Him: 6 months maybe more
  • Me: What were you looking to have achieved by this point?
  • Him: Leads and sales.
  • Me: How many? What type of leads? What are your lead times 
  • Him: Well, more than what we have now.
  • Me: How many more…What is your strategy… Where is your plan?
  • Him: Sales plan?
  • Me: STOP 🛑

Sound familiar?

Too much hard work

The reality is that most businesses have a sales number. In many cases it’s vanity. At best it’s a percentage up on the previous year.

It all seems like to much hard work. We just want the sales. 

  • The hard work isn’t really the content
  • The hard work isn’t really the leads
  • The hard work isn’t really the sales


The hard work is: 

  • What problem you solve
  • Where you add value
  • What makes you different

This is one small part of an overarching strategy that feeds into a game-plan that will help you win over and over again.

What are your next steps 

If your marketing isn’t doing what it should be, it’s time to go back to basics. Properly.

It’s time to understand your business, market and the huge opportunity out there.

If this resonates with you and you’re looking for a way forward, talk to us below.

Thanks for reading.

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