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It’s a strange time for everyone at the moment as we figure our way through the Covid-19 pandemic. Our behavioural patterns have been forced to change with the enforced lockdown and social distancing guidelines and with that come new ways of thinking and acting.

With many isolated at home juggling work, homeschooling the kids and walking the dog only one permitted time per day, our entire routines have been upended. This, in turn, has a knock-on effect of how we think and what we do.

As we navigate new ways of filling our time, some products and brands are seeing some interesting peaks.

‘Jigsaw puzzles’ and ‘board games’ are seeing a huge peak in searches, nearing the level of interest seen at Christmas.

Searches for ‘hand sanitiser’ have started to reduce after an initial spike. ‘Face masks’ continue to gradually grow while ‘home delivery’ gains rapid momentum:

Self preservation terms have seen a huge spike. With hairdressers and barbers shut, people are searching for tools to help themselves cut their own hair.

As all gyms across the country are now closed, home exercise becomes a set routine in everyone’s day and with the likes of P.E. lessons with Joe Wicks The Body Coach and a huge increase in live online fitness classes, the ‘home gym’ searches have gone through the roof!


Both gardening and DIY stores have seen an increase in search volume, as people try to keep busy whilst staying home.


The following data looks at UK web searches over the past 30 days for DIY stores:

Rising B&Q searches over the last 30 days focus on opening times:

BandQ rising search queries

In contrast, Toolstation related searches include items people are trying to get hold of like sanitiser and face masks:


toolstation rising search queries

Over the past 7 days, the trend is showing a gradual decline.

Potentially due to people realising that going out to the shops for anything other than the essentials is now not a wise decision.


In the last 7 days searches have become focused on ‘click and collect’ opposed to opening hours.

Many stores have been building awareness about the only options for purchasing being click and collect:

click and collect search queries

In the past 24 hours searches have become more trade specific with rising searches for builders merchants and building supplies.

This suggests that the increase in search activity is from the trade in order to access essential supplies to keep their business going.

builders merchant search queries

It is interesting to see that even over a few days the search intent of users is changing due to the current environment. With enforced behavioural changes and new rules to follow, users adapt and adjust how and what they search for.

Based on this it is essential that you monitor and review your market, your customers needs and reflect that within your marketing strategy. People are still open to purchase products online. Therefore where customers are still searching for products and looking for your brand, and where you are able to deliver safely, you can offer them a solution.

For more details on adapting your business and marketing strategy visit our blog.

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