Understanding Your Business

Only by truly understanding the problem can we work together on a solution

Why do so many campaigns never reach their true potential? More importantly, why do so many companies never achieve their true ROI potential?

Your end result begins with how you start.

We have seen disappointment from misaligned expectations and underperforming digital marketing campaigns. We want to change that. That’s why the first step of our journey together starts with YOU.

We ask you the questions others are scared to ask.

“Digital Clarity were keen to thoroughly understand our service offering and solutions so that they could help improve our online marketing efforts.”

Chris Burden – Chief Commercial Officer – Memset

Diagnosis Workshop

We start every business relationship with a diagnosis workshop.

Our half day consultancy workshop allows us to collectively identify gaps and opportunities in your business. The aim is to understand your ‘why’.

  • 2 to 4 hour online workshop
  • Deep questioning & understanding
  • Goals & performance objectives
  • Challenges & resources
  • Opportunity assessment

Without context and understanding, how can we truly help you?

Opportunity Assessment

Armed with detailed insights about your business, from who your target audience and competition are, to your ideal goals, challenges, successes and everything in between, we get to work.

Our team of experienced digital marketing experts dive into your market and begin to map out a prioritised approach to help you succeed.

  • Goals, objectives & KPIs
  • True challenges & opportunities
  • Proposed prioritised strategy
  • Suggested budget investment
  • 1 hour presentation of recommendations

Your journey begins with an Initial Assessment

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Make sure we are the right fit

Good business is built on relationships, trust and understanding.

Many poor decisions are driven by price, timing or the need to tick a box.

We take time to understand your business and needs to make sure we are the right fit – upfront.

Discuss your needs

Without understanding your business, how can we devise a plan?

Without a plan, how do you know what to aim for?

Without a goal, how do we measure success?

We will help you focus on what is important and bring our years of experience to your side of the table.

Book in a Diagnosis Workshop

How can you better evaluate where you are and where you want to be?

Our Diagnosis Workshop brings focus and prioritisation to help achieve your business goals.

Contact us now to learn more and take the first step to better online growth.