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Squared Online is an award-winning digital marketing leadership course developed with Google. The programme is designed to learn more about the digital marketing world anywhere in the world…as long as you have wifi. As a graduate (of Summer ‘16), along with Rachel, we get invited to quarterly events hosted by the Squared team at the vibrant beach themed Google Digital Skills Academy in Victoria.

This quarter it was the turn of Lukasz Zelezny to take to the stage and discuss ‘5 Social Media Tactics to Implement Tonight’.

Lukasz is a hands-on speaker, seen regularly on the SEO keynote circuit discussing a range of SEO topics including changes in technology and online tools. As well as being the Director of organic performance at ZPG, Lukasz also consults on other digital aspects including social media, becoming a UK Top 10 Social Media influencer and a UK Search Awards judge.

So let’s have a very brief run down on Lukasz’ tactics followed by suggested tools from the man himself:

Persona Identification

Identify the type of audience which follows you and respond depending on those personas. Whether they’re a quiet follower or a cheerleader they’re all there for their own reasons, all having different characteristics and motives.

Remember; don’t feed trolls, reach out for reviews before they have the chance to slam you on social.



Kermit the frog dont feed the trolls

 Engaging Big Fishes

Tap into the people and tags who have a following, people who influence on social, people you can have a bit of banter with, BUT be relevant, don’t be a @$%&.

 Working with Data

How are you tracking your content? What’s working, what’s not? Are people engaged? You need to keep an eye on the numbers behind the content. If you’re posting and losing followers, clearly something’s not right. There are tools out there which help keep track of this!


so trender

If you can’t be there, if you’re going on holiday or you’re in a meeting, just schedule it. Schedule your posts so your profile has no downtime and keep the momentum of all the previous hard work. Just remember to stay relevant and on topic.  


Set up automated alerts when topics get mentioned so you can keep tabs on what’s being talked about straight to your inbox. A great tool for this is IFTTT.


I’ll close this blog with a list of useful tools mentioned throughout the talk:

So, thank you Lukasz for the talk, Squared Online for hosting and the Google Digital Academy for an inspiring learning environment. We had a great time and cannot wait till the next one.

Lukasz sqaured online google digital academy

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