How to tell a Story: The Rule of Three
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Act I: Get Your Character up a Tree
Act II: Throw Rocks at Him
Act III: Get Him Down

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Let me explain:
There’s a lot of talk about “Content” on LinkedIn — especially more recently, in the #B2B space.

What is [content] and how can we do it better? More importantly, save our eyes and brains from some of the banality we’re seeing on LinkedIn.

This of course is subjective, and you may say this post is banal…but read on 👇

“Content”, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary –

the ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech, or a film:
(A singular noun)


information, images, video, etc. that are included as part of something such as a website:

(Uncountable or singular noun: a noun that has no plural)

Now that’s out of the way, let’s think 🤔

If you want to get fit, you employ a trusted personal trainer (PT) and learn about — diet, sleep, exercise, body mass, breathing, etc.

If you only do a diet, you are 80% most likely to never achieve your goal, or even set a goal. You will stop and feel frustrated. The weight remains, and the circle continues.

It makes infinite sense that if you are serious, you’d hire a PT.

If you’re creating content it makes sense to look at the basics of writing.

*even if you’re using an AI tool

Not only will it help improve your content creation, but it will also, as the BBC like to say, inform, educate and entertain.

So let me introduce you to — Anne R. Allen. An actress, bookseller, and the former artistic director of the Patio Playhouse in Escondido, California.

Anne takes credit for the title and the three areas of focus. Here she shares one aspect of writing.

If you’ve read this far, thanks and enjoy. Write on…

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