Event Digital Marketing

Whether a business is hosting a roundtable event to discuss challenges and opportunities within their industry or attending a large trade show, each requires meticulous planning to ensure people attend and hopefully purchase your products and services. 

Digital Clarity has worked with many different event businesses from event planning organisations through to individual companies running their own exclusive events. They often face the same challenges and approach us for help with their event marketing strategies.

Exhibitions, seminars, webinars or product demos, we understand how to reach the right audience and gain their commitment for your event.

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89% of event planners use social media to engage people before the event

EventMB, 2018


We’ve worked across numerous industries over the years, helping companies with their event marketing strategies to drive sign-ups, ticket sales and more.

Whether virtual or in-person, two of the core challenges for many businesses when hosting events is turning event interest into registrations, and then registrations into event attendance; particularly if the event is free. Other challenges include;

  • Time consuming planning
  • Last minute event details / schedule
  • Event attendance rates
  • Attendee event engagement  
  • Follow ups, leads and sales
  • Positioning future events

“Combining our brand’s assets with the digital marketing skills of our agency has generated clear growth and a leading presence within our target audience.”

Scott Eustace, Industry Marketing Director, Project Delivery, Bentley SYNCHRO

Experts in Event Marketing

Digital Clarity has developed a series of successful strategies to bring customers and attendees to live and online events. From awareness to purchase each step of the way is planned and executed to drive maximum results.

  • Event schedule & marketing timeline
  • Social media attendee engagement
  • Creating noise and awareness focussing on the “why”
  • Audience segmentation for tailored ads
  • Sequential advertising & storytelling
  • Customer retention & loyalty

“The team have been supportive from day one as we diverse into further digital channels, such as LinkedIn, Bing, GDN and Twitter”

Fiona Packer, Marketing Manager, Workfront

Case Study: Record-Breaking Ticket Sales

After recently acquiring The Luxury Property Show, Smart Group enlisted our help to drive ticket sales to the new-look luxury exhibition.

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Planning, executing and delivering sign ups for online webinars to promote your business.

Conferences & Exhibitions

Building awareness, driving registrations and encouraging attendance is key to a successful exhibition.

Online Events

Promoting an online event is just one piece of the puzzle; we can help encourage online attendance and a follow up strategy.

Offline Events

Successful offline events are all about footfall and reviews. We help increase commitment to attend events, as well as engagement whilst consumers are at the event via digital marketing channels.

Ticket Sales

From basket weaving and afternoon tea bookings, through to live rock music and Universal Studios tickets, we match the right buyers to your tickets online.

Demos & Free Trials

The B2B market can thrive from product demos and free trials. We have the experience to help drive leads through sign-ups and free trial registrations.