E-commerce Marketing

Investment in online marketing has increased as e-commerce and online shopping has become more common now than ever.

Many customers prefer the ease of ordering online over making the trip to a bricks-and-mortar store. More recently, the high street has seen a dramatic shift with many physical stores closing in favour of moving their brands online. 

An intelligent digital marketing strategy for e-commerce can position your brand and your products in front of your target audience. With the right message at the right time, this can be crucial to driving growth in online sales. 

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E-commerce saw 18.4% growth in 2020 and $4.105 trillion in sales



There are a number of challenges facing e-commerce companies that go beyond just the initial sale. We have worked with a number of clients over the years to help not only drive sales but also increase overall revenue and retain a loyal customer base.

  • Fierce competition
  • Achieving profitable ROI
  • Volume of sales for low AOV products
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Converting browsers into buyers

“The constant commitment from Digital Clarity to achieve the best results is driving Soak&Sleep forward as the leading retailer within this market.”

Charles Hunt, CEO, Soak&Sleep

Experts in E-commerce Marketing

Marketing for e-commerce brands goes beyond just promoting products. The strategy needs to be devised to firstly raise the brand profile, making potential customers not only aware of the brand but also giving them reason to purchase, meanwhile also ensuring previous customers return to purchase again.

  • Raising brand profile
  • Product data analysis
  • Competitive advantage advertising
  • Smart AI learning ROI strategies
  • New product education & brand positioning
  • Optimising Shopping feeds

“Their ability to execute, analyse and manage our campaigns has been exemplary, alongside their genuine and dedicated customer service.”

Daniel O’Neill, Founder, ProCook

Case Study: E-commerce Revenue Uplift 48%

Cookware brand ProCook already had a strong online presence, but needed help to reach their revenue growth and ROI targets year on year across their Paid Search and Shopping campaigns. 

Take a look at how we worked with ProCook to reach their targets.

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Fashion & Apparel

Online retail sales are only going to increase, helped by the improvement to size guides, augmented reality and efficient shipping & delivery times.

Furniture & Homeware

From kitchen appliances to bespoke furniture and everyday household items, it’s never been easier for consumers to shop hassle-free online.

Fashion & Beauty

The demand for fashion and beauty products is growing at unprecedented levels, with all age ranges showing heightened interested in this sector.

Ticket Sales

From attractions and experience days to live events and subscriptions, consumers are researching, planning and purchasing online more than ever.

Specialist Products

Bespoke strategies need to be applied to any project, even more so where niche products are involved. We have the experience to help encourage online sales of your specialist products.

Holidays, Flights & Accommodation

Long gone are the days of the high street travel agent. Travel arrangements are no longer just researched online but booked too.