Supplemental Feed in Google Shopping

A data feed is the fundamental start to creating a Google Shopping campaign. In recent months Google has introduced Supplemental Feeds, which can be connected to existing Primary Feeds.

What is Parallel Tracking in Google Ads?

Come October, Parallel Tracking will become a mandatory field for everyone in Google Ads. This is a blog explaining how Google ads will handle tracking your requests.

Everything You Need to Know About Match Types

In the PPC world, keywords are somewhat controllable, in terms of you can choose what keywords trigger your ads to appear.

Are Broad Keywords a Waste of Money?

Often those who are experienced or experts in PPC will advise against ever using standard Broad match keywords, however you may be surprised to find there could well be a place for them within your account.

How Long Should My Meta Description Be?

Back in December 2017, Google confirmed that they had increased the character count of meta descriptions from 160 to 320 characters. Now, in recent news Google has confirmed they have shortened meta descriptions...just 5 months after the increase.

Google Introduces Responsive Search Ads

This is a short blog about Google introducing responsive search ads. Responsive search ads are currently in Beta in the new AdWords interface and are currently only available to certain advertisers.

How To Choose The Best Digital Agency

5 MUST ask questions as well as a guide to help you find the best digital marketing agency to grow your business online.This guide will try to and help people when looking for an agency to help them grow and develop online.

How Can I Make My AdWords Campaign Work Better?

PPC should be an essential part of your Digital Marketing strategy. The potential PPC has to drive instant visibility and traffic from your desired audience is unbeaten from other areas of Digital Marketing such as SEO but what is needed for a successful PPC campaign?

How Much Should I Spend on PPC?

As a long serving agency in this space we have worked with large and small organisations across many industries, we are often asked the same questions.The number one question we get asked: How much should I spend on pay per click?

Should I Advertise on Bing?

Do you run pay per click advertising on Google? What about Bing? We’ve found from experience that most people haven’t even considered marketing on Bing, hopefully this blog will change your mind.

PPC vs SEO – Clash Of The Heavyweights

One of the most frequently asked questions when clients are exploring digital marketing or have been running a digital marketing campaign is ‘What will be better/works best for my business; SEO or PPC?'

Will ‘Near Me’ Searches Impact Brand Loyalty?

Are we procrastinating our plans because we know we can get away with it? There has been a huge change in consumer search habits.

Posted 5 decades ago.


Posted 5 decades ago.