Google #KnowNearby

Have you noticed recently that a lot of people on Twitter are tweeting random emoji’s to Google? If you haven’t, well, they are.

2016 In Google, Social Media, And Emojis

2016 has been far from a dull year, whether positive or negative it seemed that everyone was talking about a new global news story every day. From celebrity deaths to politics, sporting events to global crazes, Google and social media has it all covered

Google AdWords Deadline Approaching: Expanded Text Ads

Back in July, Google introduced their expanded text ads to all AdWords accounts. Available on both search and display networks, these ads offer double the amount of text, including two clickable headlines, and are said to increase CTR’s by 20%.

Is AI stealing our digital marketing jobs?

It is hard for us to comprehend a world without our smartphones. Imagine back to a time when meeting with friends was arranged over a phone call, with a specific time to meet and agreed venue. If your mates didn't turn up, you waited and waited till you could wait no more.

Facebook Fake News: An Election Winner?

With recent events going on around the world, namely America, there has been a lot of talk about Facebook’s fake news crisis.

Part 1: Successful Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

Not for profit: lack of budget or lack of digital knowledge?

Jenny Farnfield Shortlisted for Young Search Professional 2016 at the UK Search Awards!

We are delighted to announce that Jenny Farnfield, Senior Account Manager at Digital Clarity, has been shortlisted for the Young Search Professional Award at this years UK Search Awards 2016.

Using Social Media to Connect With HNWIs

Personal relationship with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) remain key in Wealth Management, though hearts and minds are being won online.

Google’s Expanded Text Ads Are Here!

On the 1st June, we posted a quick summary from the Google AdWords Summit outlining a few changes to look forward to within our AdWords accounts. The first change to show an appearance is Expanded Ads.

Will Amazon Drones Increase E-Commerce Purchases?

Over the years digital evolution and disruptive innovation have lead the way to increasing online, in-app and mobile purchases. Pokémon Go is the latest to change how we interact with brands, apps and Artificial Intelligence.

Top 10 Most Common SEO Issues

Battling for SEO rankings is a competitive task and one that needs careful consideration.  In this piece I will outline the top 10 most common SEO issues that are reported, which with the right expertise can move mountains when it comes to your organic rankings. So what are they?

Pokémon Go And The Digital Landscape

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, you should be aware by now of Pokémon Go; the augmented reality game for both Android and Apple phones