4 Benefits of Having a Strong Brand Identity

Within the marketing industry, brand identity has become somewhat of an interchangeable term with brand and branding but each has their subtle differences.

Mobile Finance; What does the Future Hold for the Banking App?

More and more people are accessing their accounts via a mobile device as well as carrying out research and search enquiries.

Turning B2B Advertising into Actual ROI

Having worked on a vast number of B2B projects in my time, one of the biggest challenges is reporting on sales, revenue and ROI.

New Mobile Behaviours Create a New Consumer Journey

I defy anyone in the cold, dark month of January to not think for one moment how nice it would be basking on a beach somewhere. In the past few years, conversion rates have grown by 88% on mobile travel sites.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

It’s no secret that the digital industry is ever-evolving with new opportunities, technological developments and challenges, and we’re forever keeping our eyes peeled for what’s coming around the corner.

Christmas 2018: How to Reach the Last Minute Shoppers

Every year, Christmas seems to come and go in a flash. Savvy shoppers will have their Christmas shopping done by the time December 1st rolls around, and there’s the usual last-minute dash for the rest of us!

What Brexit Might Mean for Search Marketers

The Prime Minister has an agreement with the European Union but still needs Parliament to support the agreement otherwise who knows what might happen. But what impact is Brexit having on search marketing?

Can Black Friday Help Resurrect Flagging UK Retail Sales?

A term that may fill some of us with excitement for the upcoming bargains or dread for the busy high streets, frantic shoppers and the sharp reminder that Christmas is coming.

Influencer Marketing for B2B

There is a distinct lack of understanding or even any level of intent by those in the corporate world, to embrace the growing impact of social media.

What Does Above The Fold Mean?

The fold; 1 definition but multiple reasons to be aware of it. The fold is a complicated topic, especially in recent years, with the fold being unique depending on screen size.

PPC vs SEO – Clash Of The Heavyweights

One of the most frequently asked questions when clients are exploring digital marketing or have been running a digital marketing campaign is ‘What will be better/works best for my business; SEO or PPC?'

How To Maintain a Healthy Agency / Client Relationship

There are many reasons agencies and clients part ways. Fundamentally, it boils down to what we can control and what we cant.