Think Out Loud Podcast – Special Guest: Hannah Brandt – HLB Lifestyle – Ep.18

Today’s special guest is an energetic, motivated, fitness guru, proving to women that you can have your cake and eat it.

Agency Proposals Are Not Worth The Paper They Are Printed On

How can an external agency possibly provide a relevant, realistic and useful proposal without fully understanding your business? They can’t!

What are Google FLoCs?

Explainer video looking at some confusing terms including FLoCs, cookies, first party and third party data.

Social Media Marketing: Paid vs Organic

The never ending debate over the best method of marketing your business digitally continues. Paid or organic?

Digital Marketing for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Companies

The Cryptocurrency (Crypto) and Blockchain environments are different to traditional markets.

What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) And Why Are They Important?

You may have read or seen numerous reports recently about something called an NFT.

Google My Business Updates Reporting Data

Google have made changes to their reporting on business profiles. What are these new metrics and how can you use them to your advantage?

What Does Your Ideal Customer Look Like?

Every business has a concept of who their ideal customer is, no matter the industry. When did you last review yours?

Preparing for Peak Season 2020

Peak season is, unsurprisingly, going to be a little different this year, so here's some tips on how you can prepare for peak.

Google Shopping: Free For All

Google has opened up the Shopping tab to include free listings alongside paid listings, just like the search page includes a mixture of paid and organic results.

Building the Bridge Between Offline and Online Retail

E-commerce doesn't have to mean the death of the high street. Find out how online and offline retail can support each other.

91% Of New Business Calls Are Not Answered

We ran a study of over 3,000 new business calls, the numbers were astonishing! With people not answering the phone how can sales people sell?