2016’s Digital Marketing Must Do’s

Estimated Reading Time [est_time] As 2015 bids us farewell and we come kicking and screaming into 2016, the need to address the ever savvy consumer and business buyer is top of mind for most business development and marketing professionals.

5 Steps to Improving Your Bounce Rate

An important aspect of analysing website data from Google Analytics and AdWords, aside from conversions, is bounce rate.

Audience Segmentation in Facebook Advertising

At a time where the largest social network Facebook has on average 936 million daily active users, it’s no surprise advertisers are becoming increasingly aware that social advertising has emerged as the ultimate resource to share content, gain exposure and trigger a desired action.

Why Attribution Modelling Needs to be on your Radar

The beauty of digital marketing as opposed to offline marketing channels, has been the ability to tack and understand how every penny you invest is working successfully.

My Conversion Rate Has Dropped – What now?

Panic, your conversion rate has dropped, from one day where the grass was green and everything was going to plan, all of a sudden your conversion is halved! So what can you do to identify the problems?

Understanding the Benefits of Google Analytics for Beginners

Can you imagine the advantage the owner of a department store would have if they had invisible robots at the entrance of the store who were able to follow their customers around, from the moment they stepped into the store, to the moment they left?  If these robots were able to identify how that individual arrived to the store, every item they looked at, every product they saw and whether they purchased or not, it would be very advantageous to the owner. Best of all these Robots work for you for free!

“My Data Doesn’t Add Up!” – Troubleshooting Google Analytics

In a world where everything is digital (or, if not, it’s definitely it's moving that way), we are completely reliant on website analytics data to help us understand which of our marketing efforts is working and which isn't.

3 Google Analytics Reports you can’t live without

Google Analytics is often criticised for data mismatching or lack of functionality but the bottom line is for a free Analytics tool it allows you to run thousands of reports and gives a good indication of user behaviour on your website.