The Luxury Property Show is an internationally focused exhibition, connecting investors and buyers with high-end property and investment opportunities, as well as luxury goods and experiences.

The event hosts a series of seminars and workshops, giving attendees the opportunity to hear from and speak with exhibitors as they offer advice on purchasing and investing in luxury property globally.

After suffering negative feedback and reviews in previous years, The Luxury Property Show was acquired by international real estate specialist, Smart Group, in early 2019.

Smart Group and The Luxury Property Show enlisted the help of Digital Clarity to build awareness of the new acquisition and encourage ticket sales, promoting it as a must-attend event within the luxury sector.

The core aim of course would be ticket sales, and any channels that were successful could see budget re-invested to drive further sales.

It is not uncommon for ticket sales to rise as any event nears, and due to the history of the event, it was vital to raise awareness of the brand profile and acquisition. Through encouraging engagement with the brand, other key metrics included social likes and follows.


Multi-channel approach

In order to reach a broad audience of possible attendees, it was agreed to run across both paid search and social media. Messaging would be consistent across all channels, whilst those that performed particularly well could see further budget invested.

Channels included; Google Search, Google Display Network, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Segmenting audiences

A mixture of branded and non-brand terms were used to reach both those who were already aware of the event, as well as those that were interested in investing in property abroad. Similarly, remarketing audiences were created and applied to Google Display campaigns to re-engage users that had previously shown interest in the event.

Social media channels were used for both prospecting and remarketing purposes. Audiences were created using the vast array of targeting options within the platforms themselves including lookalike audiences, as well as using internal customer data to re-engage users that had attended the event in previous years.


Due to the event being under new management it was vital that this was highlighted in our messaging across each channel. This included using terminology such as ‘under new management’, ‘returning for 2019’, ‘better than ever’.

Ad formats

As we ran across a multitude of channels, we utilised a number of available ad formats across each platform to increase the sign up rate. Across Facebook and LinkedIn, lead generation ads were used prior to the event when users weren’t likely to buy their ticket yet, encouraging users to sign up to receive more information. A mixture of sponsored image ads were used across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

The Luxury Property show example ad


Through the use of specific discount voucher codes per marketing channel, we were able to pinpoint exactly which channels were driving sign-ups and therefore could re-invest budget into those channels.

The event had a ‘record-breaking’ number of ticket sales, with visitors from around the world attending the two-day event at Olympia London.

Following the success of the redesigned event in 2019, The Luxury Property Show was expected to return to Olympia in 2020, however, Covid-19 unfortunately put these plans on hold.