The Clean Space provide commercial cleaning services to a range of industries throughout the country. Unlike the average cleaning company, The Clean Space look after their cleaners, making them happier and more motivated to do a better job for their clients.

Launched from scratch in 2003, The Clean Space had already seen fast growth as a business, having gained multiple accreditations including being the first ever cleaning company to make the Leap 100 list of fast-growth companies by Mishcon de Reya.

Having never used search engines as a route to drive leads, Digital Clarity put forward a compelling projection for what may be achievable within their given budget, though with no previous data and a fresh slate to start from, it was a challenge to know what might be possible.


In order to encourage an increase in volume of commercial cleaning enquiries, Digital Clarity partnered with The Clean Space to use pay per click advertising as the primary method to drive these leads. While the objective was to gain more leads, this all had to be done within a target maximum cost percentage of 10%. This meant that both fees and media spend had to be 10% or less of the revenue driven from won sales.

We use data to make informed and educated decisions in everything that we do. However, with no previous data we had to use our experience in the B2B market and make some educated assumptions, which led us to put in place a plan of action to help achieve a 10:1 Return On Investment (ROI).

Starting from scratch we needed to build the foundations and understand where the current leads were coming from and what kind of businesses they were, as well as understanding how large businesses and organisations were searching for cleaners.

This led to our qualification process of ensuring that only the right size businesses within the right locations were engaging, and prevent wasted budget from the wrong customers, or cleaners that were looking for work.

While the leads were growing, we were keen to be able to track every unique enquiry from initial keyword click all the way through to enquiry, qualification, quote and sale, to ensure we were capturing relevant audiences.

Digital Clarity & The Clean Space

We combined multiple methods in order to evaluate the leads. Using Google Analytics, third party call tracking, our own in depth analysis and feedback from the client, we were able to track each won sale right back to its original search query, no matter how long the conversion window took. One key challenge was the prevention of domestic enquiries and cleaners looking for jobs. We analysed all reasons leading to non qualified leads which allowed us to make some educated decisions on strategy. A number of tests were implemented to prevent these, including;

  • blocking ads from those viewing careers pages
  • adjusting call to actions within ad copy
  • including minimum contract requirements within ad copy
  • breaking out top performing keywords to their own campaign to have more control over budget

This valuable insight provided the evidence we needed to make informed decisions on how best to optimise the pay per click account. We used this insight to find high cost keywords that were driving a high number of irrelevant enquiries, leading us to pause these low value keywords.

By removing the high cost/low value keywords, we were able to push the higher value keywords to drive more of the valuable enquiries. The insight led us to finding our top performing keywords, not only by the volume of qualified enquiries but also top revenue drivers.

The Clean Space Keyword Data

It was as important to understand what was working as what wasn’t, so we used client data to interpret the reasons enquiries were not closing. When analysing this against keyword clicks and spend we were able to make some decisions on how to prevent the wrong clicks. Each week we analyse this data and adjust the strategy to suit, which has seen a decrease in wasted budget over time. This helped us to improve the overall quality.


Within the first year of working with The Clean Space, we helped to net more leads using a channel not previously used, and exceeded the yearly sales target by 60%.

While our in-depth analysis continues on a regular basis to maintain quality enquiries, we are also working to further improve the volume of enquiries. Since launching, we now have a deeper understanding of the seasonality of the industry, including learnings from running various tests including budget changes and landing page experiments.


“Digital Clarity’s in-depth data reporting and analysis gives insight we didn’t know could be possible, helping us to achieve above target results month on month” Charlie Mowat – Founder & CEO