ProCook is the UK’s leading specialist cookware multi-channel retailer. With retail outlets in major towns and cities across the UK, the company also has a powerful online e-commerce presence.

ProCook has seen great growth in the last few years via PPC and SEO strategies and have been working with Digital Clarity over the past 8 years.

Year on year there is a slight shift in focus of products and targets, however, the underlying objective is growth. The overall goals of the project are:

  • Increase revenue month on month, year on year
  • Control non brand revenues and spend
  • Revenues and spends to adhere to a specific ROI target
  • Increase Bing revenue
  • Enhance Shopping campaigns to ensure relevant product optimisation



To identify and optimise four categories to specific ROI targets based on influence and attribution:

  • Brand – To grow exposure of the brand and ensure all searches deliver the most relevant results
  • Non Brand – To drive growth year on year from new customers searching on both generic and specific product terms
  • Shopping – To dominate and optimise the most successful products on Shopping listings. To be ahead of the curve and competition with Shopping strategies
  • Remarketing – To re-engage relevant and interested visitors with a creative tailored message, aligned to their behaviour


  • Improve position on SERPs for highly relevant and converting search queries
  • Increase brand exposure and interaction with the brand
  • Build out a successful content plan to drive links and interaction
  • Increase visitors and growth in revenue


We saw some extremely positive growth figures. This account continues to grow and drive increased revenue at a steady ROI:

  • PPC brand revenue uplift – 35%
  • PPC non brand revenue uplift – 36%
  • SEO revenue uplift – 51%
  • Shopping revenue uplift – 48%
Procook Results