Why Your Blog Articles Are Not Reaching a Larger Audience

6 Steps to enhance your blog content

Today, blogs are something every product category are writing, everyone knows that blogs need to be engaging for your audience, but have you ever wondered why your articles are not reaching a larger audience? One main reason why your blog might not be very successful is due to your blog title not engaging your consumer to click through to actually read your blog. Titles are important, not only is it the first introduction your audience has to your blog but title is the best indication of how good the blog is going to be.

1. It has to be 70 characters or less

The title of your blog should have 70 characters. This enables easy sharing within social media platforms like Twitter, as if someone wants to share or talk about your blog they will probably want to write something along with it. As well as making it more accessible to social media it needs to be optimised within search, Google and Bing only display 70 characters meaning that if your title is more than 70 characters part of it will not show therefore losing potential readers due to the lack of information within your description title.

2. People like Structure

A blog title will indicate what structure your blog will have within it. Being specific will help readers and encourage them to click through to your blog, using things like how to.. or 10 things.. will show key points to your topic and make it more appealing.

3. Numbers are good

Numbers are a good indication within your blog title as it will highlight the length of your blog. Not only this, but it will also increase the engagement level of your brand and the consumer.

4. Keywords matter

Make sure you try and use relative keywords within your blog title and try and avoid irrelevant keywords as this will not help your SEO.

5. Attract your readers

Attract your readers by using words that will excite your audience such as; surprising, critical, secrets ectโ€ฆ This will make your article seem more interesting and have more chance on attracting readers to click through to read your blog.

6. Stick to your title

You donโ€™t always have to come up with your title before you start writing. However ensuring that your title matches your content can optimise previous blogs as well as gaining engaged readers for future blogs.
These tips will not only help you create the most engaging title to match your blog but increase youโ€™re readership as well.

Grace Bethell
Grace Bethell is a BA (hons) Advertising graduate from Southampton Solent University. She has specialised in Digital Marketing as well as being certified in Direct and Digital Marketing by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). Grace wrote her thesis on Social Media, focusing on how brands engage through visual social media platforms. Grace works within the Inbound Search & Social team at Digital Clarity and manages accounts across a range of multi-disciplined verticals.