Where CMO’s are investing in 2016

I read a wonderful article recently in the illustrious Forbes magazine and thought I would quickly share the findings. The article published results conducted jointly by Forbes, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) benchmark survey and established marketing automation platform Marketo

Compelling as it is, it reflects the changing attitudes that CMO’s have toward certain disciplines e.g. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) something that would never have reached the board room table in the past, as well as the growing trend of large scale investment in content.

Another takeaway is that many CMO’s seem to be creating digital specialist digital hubs within their organisations and working with specialist agencies to help drive strategy and engagement. Here are some of the findings.

Where are CMO priorities for 2016?

Of the marketing leadership group (across all industries, business types and business sizes) CMO’s believed brand building (55%), achieving positive marketing ROI (45%) and automating their marketing processes (39%) to be their top 3 most important marketing objectives for 2016.

Which marketing tactics are CMOs using most?

  • Content marketing 50%
  • Digital marketing/online campaigns 47.5%
  • Search optimization/SEO 47.2%
  • Public Relations/PR 45%
  • Social Media Engagement 42.5%

The leaders are turning their companies into mini-media companies for their industry while supplementing it with public relations opportunities from industry publications.

Masters of the Universe

Over the years, CMO’s top 3 mastered areas are

69 Digital Marketing/Online Campaigns
65 Content Marketing
58 Email Marketing

While the three areas where they feel the least knowledgeable are

22 Digital Marketing/Online Campaigns
65 Content Marketing
58 Email Marketing

So, what does the above tell us? In short, the digital transformation of organisations is well under way. The influence of high profile CMO’s talking up their digital prowess has led to other CMO’s realising the importance of digital within their organisations. It also highlights the role specialist agencies are playing in driving change and in turn creating efficiency and return collectively.

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Reggie James
Having built and sold various technology businesses over the years, Reggie heads the consultancy and commercial side of the business. Approachable and pragmatic, Reggie previously ran the first dot-com to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange as well as developing business strategies for brands whilst at AltaVista and Yahoo! before launching Digital Clarity. As a passive investor, he is also involved in the US public OTC markets.