Understanding the Benefits of Google Analytics for Beginners

Can you imagine the advantage the owner of a department store would have if they had invisible robots at the entrance of the store who were able to follow their customers around, from the moment they stepped into the store, to the moment they left?  If these robots were able to identify how that individual arrived to the store, every item they looked at, every product they saw and whether they purchased or not, it would be very advantageous to the owner. Best of all these Robots work for you for free!

Use Google Analytics and enjoy the benefits of having your very own hard-working robots closely analysing every move a visitor makes when interacting with your site. You can then navigate through their findings and track the efficiency of your website.

The benefits of using Google Analytics

Monitor the traffic to your website

Google Analytics has the capability to monitor every bit of traffic to your website. It provides you with greater online knowledge allowing you to keep track of visitors. For example by using the behaviour reports you can determine which pages users engage with most and by understanding how visitors are using your site this will help you determine where to make improvements or changes.

Track Website Conversions

A conversion is the completion of any desired action to your website and with Google Analytics you can not only track conversions but you have the ability to find out how that customer converted, why, when and on what device. This allows you to gain invaluable insights into your customer’s behaviour that lead to a conversion.

Examine Facts Rather Than Assumptions

From Google Analytics data you are able to confidently make educated decisions on how to improve your website and user experience based on facts and data which you can see rather than guessing. By using Google Analytics you can make educated decisions by understanding what is actually working, ensuring you invest your efforts to optimising what is working.

Visitor Segmentation

With Google Analytics you can find out how many visitors your SEO and PPC campaign bring you. The advanced segments reveal visitor insights across different channel source and ties the customer journey together. You can analyse how each source is contributing to the acquisition of new and existing visitors, whether it be organic, social, paid, direct or referral. You can further segment your user’s behaviour by devices such as mobile, desktop and tablet to identify valuable information you can use to increase your website.

Danielle Church
Danielle Church is a BA (hons) Marketing and Advertising graduate from The University of Hertfordshire. She has experience managing several high profile retail accounts and has a passion for spotting industry emerging trends to help clients consistently stay ahead of the curve in the digital marketplace.