The Power Of Blogging

In recent years you may have noticed that most brand sites you come across on the web, have the same familiar sub-domain at the top of the page; a blog. Since when was it important for everyone to offer insight, opinion, and educate their audience about their respective industry? On closer inspection however, there is more for companies to get out of blogging than simply doing it for their audience’s reading pleasure, so why go to the effort, and just how much of an impact can your blog page have?

Customer Relationship

If someone lands on your web page and is interested in your product or service, seeing a blog page may be a crucial factor for them determining whether or not they wish to trade with you. Your blog can offer them insight into your brand, it can build a relationship on a more personal level, know one wants to feel they are dealing with a robot; by blogging you can make prospective customers feel like they are being spoken to like a person. This customer relationship that you build can be incredibly significant long-term, combined with your social media channels; it is possible to enhance a level of engagement and loyalty with your brand.

B2C Engagement

As well as building bridges, your blog will also have a positive impact on your web domain. Traffic can be dramatically improved, with research from Business 2 Community showing that brands that use blogs receive 97% more links to their website. Largely down to higher quality of SEO, the content of blogs is building a far stronger association between your brand and the products or services you provide. The paramount importance on optimisation that blogging for your brand is echoed by SEO experts surveyed on the topic by Top Rank Blog , 87.4% of which agreed that blogging “successfully increased measurable SEO objectives as a direct result of blogging”.


So if blogging affects the visibility of your site, its rankings, and the emotional bond between brand and customer, surely this must translate to some forms of goal completion? As an influential starting point; blogging is reported to contribute 67% more leads to B2B marketers . The statistic that really hammers the point home though comes from the 2014-15 “State of Inbound” report, stating that companies who blog are 13x more likely to achieve positive ROI as a result.

No Downside

With a blog page having such a significantly positive impact online for your brand, with no cost, you only need to spare one expense; time. To learn more about the influence blogging can have on your brand, please contact one of the team at Digital Clarity today.

Nick Blane
Nick is a recent graduate of Music and Live Events Management from Bucks New University in High Wycombe. Though his business background centred within the music industry, his exposure and involvement in marketing and social media engagement for brands, helped him take a more holistic approach and apply his connection of digital with sociology along with his entrepreneurial skills.