As Mobile marketing grows, so do the services and solutions available. TextAnywhere has been a provider of SMS services since 2002, and by focusing in this core area it has allowed TextAnywhere to offer a superior and extremely cost effective set of text-messaging services to clients looking to send and receive SMS messages.

In addition to outbound services, TextAnywhere also offers inbound services for message replies, short code services for marketing and premium uses, and SMS alerting services.

Digital Clarity approached TextAnywhere who has used the Google Adwords platform for many years in order to add a clearer and more proactive approach to driving customer acquisition.

The Challenge

As TextAnywhere has had a presence on Google Adwords in the past, the challenge was not to gain exposure, but to put together an intelligent strategy that increased the volume of online account registrations, whilst staying within the given budget.

Due to the poor quality of leads being generated, many registrations were going unqualified, further damaging the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) figures. Digital Clarity needed to ensure that lead quality was greatly improved to ensure the established Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) were matched.

Tasked with reducing CPA’s and bringing a fresh approach to the account, Digital Clarity was excited at the opportunity to drive the account forward.

The key factors to enhance were:

  • To increase visitors whilst maintaining quality
  • To reduce CPA’s across all products
  • To generate higher volumes of applicants as well as maintaining the relevance of registrations.

Our Approach

To better understand the challenges of doing business in the Mobile Marketing sector, Digital Clarity began by working closely with TextAnywhere to gain an in depth knowledge of the industry and to fully understand the products on offer. This included understanding the most popular products as well as those that generated the greatest return. Having this knowledge allowed us to take a streamlined approach to tackling the problems and achieving the required goals.

Improving Current Performance

The first stage to improving the current performance was to carry out a full account review.  This allowed us to identify both the areas that were performing strongly and the areas which were not effectively utilising the budget. Cost per Click (CPC) bids were fully reviewed and budgets were managed to target those areas of the account that were providing the greatest returns.

Heightening Relevancy of Traffic

A strong indication of relevancy can be seen in the Click-thru Rate (CTR) and Digital Clarity set about attempting to increase this. Keyword quality score, match types & negative keywords were fully reviewed whilst ad copy was altered to provide the most relevance to the website and the user’s search term.

Increasing Registrations

Digital Clarity prides itself on being able to work as an extension of a client’s company, which is often as a necessity to maximising the success of a campaign and TextAnywhere was fantastic in allowing this to be possible. Areas of further development were discussed and new campaigns created in an attempt to increase and strengthen the number of conversions being achieved.


Digital Clarity applied a number of optimisation techniques to improve the CTR and relevance of traffic to the site and in turn this has helped increase the number of Conversions generated during the beginning months of 2009.

From taking over the account management in February 2009 Digital Clarity made an instant impact on established KPI’s and have planned a strategy to develop these further over the following months.

Clicks and Conversions have continually increased over the year; compared to the same time last year, and conversions have increased by 46% in June.



The CPA has remained steady as conversions have increased resulting in ongoing improvement in ROI.



Digital Clarity’s reduction in CPC and dramatic increase in CTR on the TextAnywhere account has also resulted in increased relevance of prospective clients.

In Summary, overall new client volumes have increased whilst the CPA has remained consistent, resulting in improved lead quality and an increase in ROI.

Client Testimonial

“As a provider of SMS services that are delivered over the internet, our online presence and positioning is very important in promoting our services and broadening our client and partner community. TextAnywhere first had a search engine presence in mid-2003, when the company first offered its services commercially. However, since we partnered with Digital Clarity we have seen a significant improvement in our paid-listings metrics. Our online position has improved, our paid-listings spend has been made more efficient, and the most important measure of success for us, the number of clients joining us, has increased. Digital Clarity has completely overhauled our online presence, and, through their attention to detail and knowledgeable team, Digital Clarity has made TextAnywhere’s paid-listings campaign more focused and effective.”

Nick Payne – Managing Director – TextAnywhere

About TextAnywhere

In 2002, TextAnywhere Ltd was formed with a mission to deliver high quality, trusted text messaging solutions to UK-based businesses and public sector organisations.

Solutions offered by TextAnywhere range from web-based and email-to-SMS end-user applications that you can send and receive messages from, to Web Services and HTTP-based development tools for integrators wishing to interface their applications to the text-messaging world.

Headquarted in Berkshire, TextAnywhere provides text-messaging services across the world. TextAnywhere works closely with over 11,400 UK organisations including; AXA, Debenhams, HBOS, Liverpool FC, National Express, the NHS, Park Lane College, Starbucks and Virgin Active.

Joanna Wild
Joanna Wild is a fully qualified Google AdWords professional with expertise in search and social. She has written blogs on reporting, analytics and up and coming technology and knows everything you need to know about analysing data and making sense of numbers.