SEO & PR: The Perfect Match?

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Over the years, there has been a blurring of lines between what is construed as online PR and SEO. As Google has moved toward a more ‘content’ driven approach as to what it indexes, the role of good PR suddenly becomes imperative. This in turn shines a light on the role SEO plays in adding value to the Google ecosystem. Content for the sake of it rarely satisfies anyone, least Google and more importantly the end reader. Given the bombardment of information available to prospective readers, the content has to resonate.

Let’s look at the the components that help the two disciplines work in harmony.

Link Building

The more authority a site has, the more value there is in having them as a linking root domain.

Now chances are that the team working in PR have an extensive list of contacts containing bloggers and journalists at various well respected online publications, this right here is a great place to start and potentially a gold mine for link building activity.

Obviously it can’t just be a case of someone in PR calling/emailing them to ask for a link, there needs to be some sort of angle here, value that offers them something, which ties into my next point…

Quality Content

Content is of paramount importance for a number of reasons. One being that Google now place more importance on the quality of websites content, not only your own site, but the sites that you are trying to build relationships with.

Another reason is that if what you’re offering isn’t good enough, people just won’t see any reason to feature or share this content, you need to be able to demonstrate value in some way so they are getting something out of this. Whatever your content it needs to be attention grabbing, well written/presented, insightful and appealing to the places you are trying to get it featured.

These content generated links don’t just hold value in terms of the new linking domain you may have acquired, but your brand awareness will be greatly boosted. Brand mentions have become an increasingly influential factor to not only the people seeing your brand across the web, but also to search engines as they enhance your authority the more they crawl your brand across a plethora of different media outlets online.

Work Better Together

Communication is the key to getting the best possible results; right from the initial strategy meetings through to implementation and the closing pay off. Teams in SEO and PR need to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as educate each other along the way, people in PR won’t have the technical know-how that SEO’s do, and SEO’s won’t have the contacts, or relationships that people in PR have built.

Goals need to be outlined clearly, timelines put in place, and ideas and strategies brainstormed; if both teams are singing from the same hymn sheet from the start then your organic search results should smoothly see positive results.

In time we will likely see more PR and SEO execs working together as it should begin to become an obvious decision to have someone from PR leverage their skills on improving a company’s natural search.

Utilising one another’s knowledge can boost your linking domain quality, bolster brand mentions, grow your social media channels as well as raise the impact it has on your business, and also build relationships with prominent sites across the web.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you improve your organic search presence, please contact a member of the team at Digital Clarity today.

Nick Blane
Nick is a recent graduate of Music and Live Events Management from Bucks New University in High Wycombe. Though his business background centred within the music industry, his exposure and involvement in marketing and social media engagement for brands, helped him take a more holistic approach and apply his connection of digital with sociology along with his entrepreneurial skills.