S-Commerce: E-Commerce Integration with Social Media

Integration is key for brands. Whether it’s integration of brand platforms or integrated content, a brand’s presence needs to be spread across the web. Curalate, a Philadelphia start-up, has introduced a way of integrating brands through Instagram with the most popular activity known to mankind: Shopping. This new marketing strategy is called Like2buy. Now let’s find out how it works exactly.

If you are a heavy user of Instagram, and in particular follow product brands that you love, you would have been a victim of ‘Instawanting’. I describe this term as seeing products (specifically in fashion) and immediately wanting. Glamorised by the cool and quirky Instagram ‘look’, either snapped up casually by a fashion blogger or by the brand itself, users are left wanting the product.

A lot of the time, users will just ‘like’ the items, and may browse further to their official website if they have time. Rarely would users see a product and go out their way to buy, especially when they are casually scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Let’s take Saks Fifth Avenue as an example. You will notice below how there is a link in the bio; this is the link to the buying app.


Once the user has clicked through, they are taken to the Like2buy website, although the website has a high visual feel of an individual app which allows it to look unique.  Here it shows the profile of Saks and displays products with the exact look and feel of Instagram, so the user’s transition is smooth.


Once the user is taken through they can click on the product of interest and this will link directly to the brand’s website.

Like2buy are acting as the middle man in this scenario, bridging the gap between social networking and shopping. The visual feel takes a unique twist on the common photography of e-commerce, allowing more engaging and interesting product pictures.

Curalate describe their website as ‘Instagram’s missing link’ and asks the question ‘are you ready to drive revenue through Instagram?’  It may seem that this up-and-coming website is taking full advantage of Instagram’s use, but why wouldn’t they? They have been brave enough to tackle the market and potentially become the most popular bridge for social e-commerce. This is definitely one to watch out for. Stay tuned with Digital Clarity to get to the latest on not only this story, but many others through our blog and social media channels.


Shareena Grewal
Shareena Grewal graduated from Southampton Solent University, where she achieved a 2:1 in Media Culture & Production. Shareena comes to Digital Clarity with a background in media, including event planning, production and marketing. As well as this, Shareena has been certified by the IDM (Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing) and specialises in social media, helping clients to define, curate and grow their brands online.