Promoted Tweets, best practice from Twitter

Using Twitter advertising is not that different from how you would use Twitter organically. Although there are a few things which you need to know before you begin using or planning to use promoted tweets as a form of advertising. Twitter wants you to advertise on their platform. To encourage that you choose their network they have analysed over 80,000 tweets, across 35,000 paid campaigns and across 18 different advertiser verticals to put together a handful of best practices to help you increase your performance on Twitter.

Establish your goals:

You need to highlight your objectives for the campaign and structure your tweet accordingly with the end goal in mind to be sure your content is worth promoting, the more interesting your Tweet the less you will pay for it.

Keep your content fresh:

Twitter isn’t like any other social platform it doesn’t use algorithms to only show you content you like. Twitter will show you everything by time, therefore your Promoted Tweets need to contain fresh content, if you don’t refresh your tweets every few days Twitter will stop your advert to avoid seeming stale.

Being concise is crucial to get attention:

Within Promoted Tweets you can increase your engagement rate by 56% by using between 10 and 49 characters compared to 50 to 100 characters. That percentage can increase up to 70% higher engagement rate if you use between 10 and 49 characters within your Promoted Tweets compared to your 101 and 140 characters (this is not including photos, web links or videos).

This is more than likely due to the consumer not being able to see the tweet – as well as brands having to pay for engagements every time the Tweet is expanded.

Include interactions in your tweets:

Including Twitter Handles can increase your engagement rate by 51% among Promoted Tweets that include 1 or 2 @ Handles compared to including 0 @ Handles. It is not only good to include Twitter handles but by including hashtags within your tweets you can increase engagement by 122%.

Although it is worth keeping in mind your goals when adding hashtags to your tweets, considering you are paying for every engagement even if that engagement is clicking on the hashtag as well as paying for the engagement you are distracting them from the goal which you want them to complete i.e clicking through to your website.

Make sure your punctuation is on point:

Surprisingly Twitter have reported that you can increase your average engagement by 43% among Promoted Tweets that include an exclamation point!

Twitter enables you to contact a vast variety of people all over the world however to run Twitter advertising it’s self takes time and the most important thing is your content and how much content you can create.

Use Twitter cards:

There are 9 different organic card types to choose from where you can ask your audience to do things like sign up for emails, visit a landing page, view and use a voucher or even download an app. Twitter Cards enable you to enclosure an action button, a photograph and a character description. Using a Twitter card is said to increase the likelihood of engagement by 80%. As well as Twitter cards it is important to make sure you have Twitter analytics set up, which gives you a clear break down of your tweets to see which ones are achieving your goals and which ones aren’t.

If you want to know more about Twitter Advertising and running a campaign call one of our specialist at DC today to find out more.

Grace Bethell
Grace Bethell is a BA (hons) Advertising graduate from Southampton Solent University. She has specialised in Digital Marketing as well as being certified in Direct and Digital Marketing by the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM). Grace wrote her thesis on Social Media, focusing on how brands engage through visual social media platforms. Grace works within the Inbound Search & Social team at Digital Clarity and manages accounts across a range of multi-disciplined verticals.