Part 3: Successful PPC Strategy for Nonprofits

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Paid search, my livelihood, my passion, my relax time and my time to geek out! I love paid search. There’s a couple of reasons why I’m so passionate about paid search and it’s down to a number of things, from optimising each keyword, testing ad copy to learning how different people search for the products or services they wish to find. I find it fascinating how one industry’s search patterns to the next can be so different, making the strategy so important for each individual case.

Nonprofits tend to shy away from paid advertising for multiple reasons. In the report below it shows paid advertising is the 3rd least important channel used by not-for-profit.

Nonprofit channel use

From the channels favoured by nonprofits in the above chart, it would seem that a website is the most favoured channel, but what if people can’t find your website?

I’ve come to some personal conclusions and questions as to why paid search might be bottom of the list:

  1. It’s too expensive?
  2. It’s not as personal?
  3. It’s a newer unknown marketing channel?
  4. It’s time consuming?
  5. It’s too overwhelming to run as it needs daily attention?

Whatever your feelings are with paid search, let me touch on a few benefits as to why using AdWords can amplify your charity and also reveal the light at the end of the tunnel for how you can utilise this channel.

Google AdWords Benefits:

Expand your audience

There are over 3 billion searches on Google everyday, why not get a slice of that? With paid search you appear for the searches your audience are looking for. You control what keywords you bid on, so you can control when you appear. Unlike SEO which is based on content to get keywords ranking, paid search relies on bidding on keywords.

Instant traffic

With paid search you can get adverts up and running within minutes, again on the keywords you know will drive traffic and have search volume. Get your website in check because people will be searching and finding your site instantly with PPC.

Google Grant for nonprofits

Yes, that’s right Google has a solution for your low budgets by providing nonprofit organisations with a grant they can spend on Google media in AdWords. If eligible, charities can receive $10,000 (approx £8,000) to spend within AdWords so that you can get in front of your audience, for example to drive donations or hire volunteers.

Learning about your audience

The functionality and reporting in Google AdWords shows in depth insights of where your traffic is coming from and how your audiences’ search pattern progresses. You can see whether people come via mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers, then further see if they converted or not. You can see where in the world they are clicking from, even down to the county. This is just the start of the insights AdWords reporting can unlock.

Free experiments

The Google Grant gives leverage to test your ad copy, test keywords, test devices and more because the money you’re spending is essentially at no cost to your charity. When you’re testing on this channel, you get deep insights and reporting to make clear and sensible decisions, opposed to other channels like organic, social, TV or print. Above are just 5 benefits outlining how Google AdWords can amplify your visibility online. Yes, paid search can be overwhelming but it can also be insightful and a massive game changer for results. You can tailor your message, get free media spend and see direct results and data, so why not use paid search?

Still not convinced? Call me, let’s talk about your reservations and discuss whether or not paid search is the right channel for you.

Convinced or unconvinced why not call me anyway, at least see if you’re eligible for the Google Grant. Let us do the work for you and we’ll go from there?

Jenny Farnfield
Jenny Farnfield graduated from Southampton Solent University with a 2:1 Degree in Advertising, and brings extensive commercial, digital and marketing acumen to the team at Digital Clarity. Jenny has been recognised by both UK Search Awards and the Ecommerce Awards. Jenny is also IDM certified, and utilises a rigorous, granular approach to digital marketing. With over 6 years’ experience, Jenny digs deep to find solutions and uses an immersive approach in her accounts, turning numbers and data into actionable solutions for her clients.