How to Optimise Your Dynamic Search Campaigns

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Recently I wrote a blog about Dynamic Search and some of the key benefits  of using these unique campaigns. Dynamic search ads (DSAs) can be highly valuable to an account, and while they can be time saving in some areas, they still require optimisation similar to any other campaign.

As Google say – “don’t set it and forget it”

Dynamic Search campaigns

Once you’ve created your dynamic search campaigns, or even if you’re already running them, there are some basic areas where you can optimise the campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best out of them as possible.

Use negative targets

When it’s early days, make sure you take full advantage of the search terms and categories report to exclude any searches or areas of your site you don’t want to appear. Google recommend a starting point of customer help pages or FAQ’s.

Arrange targets by theme

Having your targets arranged into specific themes can be a lifesaver when it comes to having control over ad copy or adding negatives. There are various ways to target, such as by specific categories, page titles, URLs or page content.

Negatives, Negatives, Negatives

The search terms report should be a main port of call when you’re running DSA with regular optimisation, and it’s a good idea to get some negative keywords added before going live too, to minimise the risk of wasted spend. I’d recommend checking the search terms report on a daily basis when you first go live to keep a close eye on it, then once you’ve got more control, you could check it once a week to keep on top of it.

Improve your regular search campaigns

While you’re going through the search terms report adding negatives, it’s a good idea to look for any search terms that are working well, or even converting, as these can be added as keywords to relevant search campaigns where you have more control. Just don’t forget to then add them as negatives to the dynamic search campaign.

For more information and tips on how to best optimise your dynamic search campaigns, feel free to get in touch with myself or another member of the team via the below.

Sophie Burrows
As a Senior Digital Strategist, Sophie's role is focused around working with clients to achieve their business objectives, through a mixture of digital marketing channels. Having worked closely with clients in a variety of disciplines over the last five years, Sophie has gained an invaluable insight into what makes for a successful campaign. Applying a strategic process along with deep analytics insight has made Sophie an in-demand digital strategist.