New Google Analytics Features

It’s been a busy time for those of us that live inside the reports of Google Analytics. The last few weeks have seen great new features being rolled out to help website owners and marketers get a better understanding of how users arrive and interact with a website. I’ve provided a link to each of the original posts which will provide more in depth information of each, I suggest going through and reading them but let’s take a top level view for now.

Google Analytics Real-Time

Announced September 29th, this was a real ‘oh, wow’ moment for me. Still in beta, this feature lets you see how users are interacting with your website right now, and while it lacks some more advanced features I would like to see (Real-time ecommerce tracking for example) it’s still insightful and slightly addictive!

If the new feature is available to you, you’ll find it under the ‘Home’ tab on the left hand side navigation. If it’s not, you can apply for early access here.

Please note that you’ll need to be an administrator of the account to access this data.

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

Next up we were given the ability to integrate Google WMT with Analytics which can be accessed in the left hand menu shown here. This was announced October 4th.

For those familiar with Google WMT the data here is nothing new but the ability to see it from within your analytics account certainly streamlines the process when you’re digging deep and trying to understand problems.

You’ll need to be the administrator on both the Google Analytics account and WMT account to connect the two but otherwise this feature is available to all.

Check out the original post

Google Flow Visualisation

Flow visualisation is a powerful new feature that was announced by Susan Wojcicki and Phil Mui at the Web 2.0 Summit, October 19th and gives website owners and analytics users the ability to see users flow through their website with easy to understand graphical visualisations.

At the moment the feature provides two basic report types; visitors flow and goal flow but you’re able to apply any advanced segments you’ve created to them.
Of all the new features announced to date, this is by far the most useful to those looking to maximise the ROI seen from marketing activity, so I’d strongly recommend checking out the original post over on the official Google Analytics Blog.

The visitors flow visualisation can be found on the left hand side navigation under the visitors section. You can find the Goal Flow visualiser in the Conversions > Goals section of the “Standard Reporting Tab.”


But wait, I don’t see these new features!

As all of the new features discussed here are so new, it’s going to take a little time for them all to be rolled out to every analytics user so it’s possible you’re yet to see these available in your account. Sit tight but keep an eye out and trust me; they’re all worth the wait!

Addy Smith
Addy is Inbound Marketing and PPC account manager for Digital Clarity. Having gained a Bachelors of the Arts degree in Media and English, Addy has worked in the Social Media, PR and Communications industry for a number of sectors, including the fashion industry and a London based boutique jewelry start-up.