New Features in Google Maps

Browsing through the excellent Google Maps Blog yesterday, I was surprised to see a few new features that are looking to be rolled out. Surprised, not by the fact that they are new and exciting but more that they’re such simple but great and intuitive additions.

So, lets try and explain this feature in as simple terms as possible. You are looking to obtain directions to a desired destination. You type in the start point and end destination. Press go. As the directional results are listed you are presented with a variety of useful amenities along your journey. The route is dotted with Supermarkets, Petrol Stations etc.

Another great feature is the ability to search for amenities along your route, So for example if you search ‘pharmacy’ in the search box, the map will display all the pharmacies along route etc.

The feature highlights the growing use of search within various applications that traditionally used data capture field tick boxes, drop downs, or didnโ€™t exit at all.

Addy Smith
Addy is Inbound Marketing and PPC account manager for Digital Clarity. Having gained a Bachelors of the Arts degree in Media and English, Addy has worked in the Social Media, PR and Communications industry for a number of sectors, including the fashion industry and a London based boutique jewelry start-up.