Mobile Commerce in the Omnichannel

There is no doubt that the word ‘Omnichannel’ is on the lips of most retailers. It is something that has been implemented by quite a number of retailers but is being missed by numerous organisations due to some of the complexity around the subject.

Though it may seem that mobile has won the battle, the truth is that the omnichannel touch points are important to take on board as are targeted messages to each of these touch points. Sadly, many campaigns are rolled into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and rarely does the messaging directly target the smart phone user.

Recent studies by Facebook iQ have shown the winners and losers in this battle of the brands. However what is more compelling is the need for brands to understand the important role of mobile in the equation.

Mobile is Strong

The facts are there for all to see. 45% of all shopping journeys include mobile. What do we mean by ‘journey’? These are people who have bought online in home appliances, home goods clothing, consumer electronics and beauty—via a variety of channels—like on mobile phones, tablets, desktops or laptops and in-store.

When you look at this journey among the grouping of people aged between the ages of 18-34, affectionately called Millennials, the number jumps up to 57%. This group is also ‘influencing’ the age group above them.

Mobile still has a way to go

Desktop or Laptop VS Mobile

Say it is easier to see all the available on the desktop 56% 
Find it easier to use a device with a big screen 55%
Find it difficult to compare products and retailers via a smartphone or tablet 27%
Say entering personal data is not very user friendly on smartphone or tablet 26%

Instore VS Mobile

Say they like to touch and feel the products 47%
Say they don’t want to wait 46%
Agree that shipping costs too much 41%
Say it’s relaxing /enjoyable 25%


The power of mobile commerce is so powerful when looking at the omnichannel that 56% say they have made a purchase on a mobile device because they were already using it, and 55% say they use mobile because they can do it anywhere, anytime.
The main reason for the above is that the people surveyed in the recent Facebook/GfK study found that smart phones and tablets offered them far more convenience and flexibility when it came to a searching a path to purchase.
So, as mobile still has a way to go, from research to purchase it is clearly raising the bar. In the same survey, 60% of omnichannel shoppers say they’ll either start purchasing or purchase more on their smartphones in 2016, and 64% anticipate doing more shopping research on their smartphones.
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Reggie James
Having built and sold various technology businesses over the years, Reggie heads the consultancy and commercial side of the business. Approachable and pragmatic, Reggie previously ran the first dot-com to list on the Singapore Stock Exchange as well as developing business strategies for brands whilst at AltaVista and Yahoo! before launching Digital Clarity. As a passive investor, he is also involved in the US public OTC markets.