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Until earlier this month LinkedIn’s B2B marketing potential was quite limited, allowing users to manually select up to 100 companies and segment by demographics including location, industry, job title and seniority.

Following reported testing from Comcast, Salesforce and Swrve (, LinkedIn have followed Facebook’s custom audiences, Twitter’s tailored audiences and Google’s customer match by recently launching a more automated, innovative way for marketers to reach individuals at particular companies as the first part of their Audience Match platform.

LinkedIn account targeting allows users to tailor Sponsored Updates or Sponsored InMail campaigns to a specific list of individual’s profiles. In order to utilise this facility marketers are required to provide a list of up to 30,000 companies (including company you want to exclude from marketing campaigns), within which custom segments can be formed. This list is encrypted for security purposes and can be cross reference against the in excess of 8 million company pages, creating an account target segment based on the match.

The tool will identify the common denominator in order to create categories to target in a tailored fashion. Further filters including seniority and job titles can be then be applied.

LinkedIn boasts an unrivalled pool of over 414 million business professionals which they argue is likely to be accurate and up-to-date given the connection to a professional’s and company’s brand. They also claim to be the only social platform which allows users to target by company, tapping in to its 6.8 million C-level executives, more than 40 million decision makers and in excess of 61 million senior level influencers. Targeted effectively this pool can be served appropriate content in order to maximise engagement.

LinkedIn are practicing what they preach, unveiling its maiden TV advert during the Oscars as shown below:

This service is only available for those who have registered for managed services. LinkedIn state that this is just the start, with support for self service customers and other advanced capabilities to be added in the future, watch this space.


Darren Parsons
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