Keep your Identity Safe on Social Media

Countless social media platforms exist in today’s world, every year younger generations are introduced to the internet and social media becomes a ‘must have’ to stay in trend. Older generations also feel the pressure to ‘get with the times’ and use emailing and some forms of social platforms as a way of communicating with others. Along with this, the growth of technology has pressured many to carry out tasks online, such as online banking and shopping (to get the best deals). After all, many use social media as a main stream of communication, right?

However, issues such as privacy, behaviour and staying safe are just some of the questions arising from social media since its introduction. Privacy is affecting adults as seen in the recent celebrity hacking scandal. Behaviour is always an issue as individuals have in the past got themselves into situations, leading them to be fired from work.  The topic of ‘staying safe online’ is especially tricky for parents trying to monitor children on social media.

This week the Sunday mirror was criticised for using images of a Swedish model in an online sexting trap to catch out a British MP. So, more specifically, how can you prevent your photos from being used? In reality it’s pretty hard as the internet is a big place! But there are a few things you can do:

Learn privacy settings
As mentioned, there are countless social platforms available out there; keep track of the ones you’re on and take time to understand what the privacy settings are and what measures you can have to keep unwanted people away. Remember, different channels have different levels of privacy settings.

Review your privacy settings often
Social media sites are always altering and updating settings, so review your settings at least once a month.

Use Google image search
Google have image search, which allows you to not only search for images, but BY images as well. To make sure no one is using your images without you knowing, upload the image to google and run a search. Of course you probably have hundreds of pictures out there, but choose your main profile pictures or cover image (Facebook), as this is an easy target (as they are public).

Be aware of who’s on your profiles.

You may think you know someone or maybe you have accepted someone who knows a friend of yours. If you want to accept them, put them on high privacy so they are prevented from learning more about you and gaining access to your images and information.

You don’t want to be caught out on social media, so follow these tips and you can put your mind at ease when it comes to staying safe online. Connect with digital clarity to get more digital advice.


Shareena Grewal
Shareena Grewal graduated from Southampton Solent University, where she achieved a 2:1 in Media Culture & Production. Shareena comes to Digital Clarity with a background in media, including event planning, production and marketing. As well as this, Shareena has been certified by the IDM (Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing) and specialises in social media, helping clients to define, curate and grow their brands online.